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Forum Rules
« on: December 05, 2008, 07:58:34 PM »
1. If you are younger than 18 years, then immediately leave this forum.
2. The owner of this forum is not responsable for the content posted or uploaded. It's freedom of speech!
3. Don't post underage content.You will be banned.
4. Don't post links to other forums or ranking sites in your posts. Never post password/warez sites!!!You will be banned.
5. No spam! Do the spam or links to spam servers. Otherwise, your contribution moderators lock and give you a warning.
6. No child or zoo porn!
7. Do search before posting to make sure you're not reposting. Double posts are not allowed, the latest post will be removed.
8. Don't post links or example galleries of paysites.
9. The links give insights.
If the previews are from the parent page, then paste this link into the code.
Failure to this point has the effect of deleting the post.
10. For the protection of its links Use KARMA.
11. For each links and to give a preview of the free image server. Otherwise, the post deleted.
12. Don't post hi, hello, thanks and other short posts just to increase your number of posts, they will be removed as soon as found. Use the [applaud] and [smite] in KARMA to thank a poster for his effort. It's annoying, makes you look like a bot, doesn't help anyone, and the posts are likely to get deleted. We get a ton of bots that post junk (or copy posts earlier in the thread) to make the accounts more senior so they can spam in other sections. That is what you look like, and if you aren't a bot, it just makes you look stupid. If you must introduce yourself in one word, use the Say 'Hello!' thread. As is posted in many places, I have no tolerance for junk posting in order to have ten posts and post in videos.
13. Prohibition of using the Shortener URL. It's used by spammers to replicate files that are infected.
14. NO flooding (max 10 post/24h)
15. Respect the others so they respect you. Be polite and don't fight.
Remember we are here to have Fun...
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