Author Topic: Kidnapping and Torment of a Boy-Whore  (Read 5914 times)

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Kidnapping and Torment of a Boy-Whore
« on: June 14, 2014, 11:12:02 AM »
Personal Fantasy: Kidnapping Torment, and... (its up to you) of a Boy-Whore.

Reader! I want you to be part of this. Read and then tell me what you would do after I set up the scenario.

I am a male exotic performer that occasionally does private sessions (from dancing, to sometimes just walking around in my underwear or naked and mingling with the quests) at peoples parties, sometimes going to homes or other establishments. I have always had a fear and strangely enough, fantasy that one of those parties was a trap to lure me into a planned kidnapping and gang-raping. All men, all women, mixture of both, it really does not matter.

The fantasy of mine begins like this:

I arrive at a house and perform, slightly anxious because I took this job off the books, so no one knows I am there but me. There are more than two dozen guests and when I am finished and about to get paid, they attack me. They secure me down on my back, naked, in a frog-tied position onto an un-sanded, splinter filled rickety pallet in the basement. My head is covered with a hood and my mouth covered with multiple layers of duct tape. A string has been wrapped around my balls several time and tied tightly so that they look ready to burst. There is a table in the basement next to the pallet with an assortment of items on it.

The items on the table are:

8 clothes pins

a small hand-held flogging whip

slender metal rod 7in long

a plunger

a cucumber

a bungee cord

a taser

tube of lubrication

sewing needles

car battery with jumper cables

plastic ground tarp

The the host of the party has sold tickets for $200 to a selection of men and women who are both sexual deviants and full of anger and rage. These were the party guests! They surround me, are shown the items on the table and are told to see me as a representation of the cause of all their anger and rage and to use me as a way to get revenge.

You are one of these guests.

You are told that together you and the others can use anything you have with you or what is on the table. There is no limit to what you can do. The host assures you that no one knows I am there, and that you can do whatever you want no matter how sick and violent because he will make sure no one finds out.

I hear this conversation, and panic; trying to plead for mercy, but the tape is secure. All you and the others hear is a whimpering moan.

The host then looks are several guests he knows are sociopaths and tells them not to hold back. Then says: "This boy-whore represents the cause of all your problems. Make him suffer for your misery!"

I begin to struggle, my penis flopping side to side. I have no idea whats going to happen.

The host finally announces he will return in 48 hours and to make sure that for every minute of that 48 hours they make me wish I did not have a penis or an ass hole. The guests look at each other, then at my naked, bound body struggling to escape, and then at the table and back at each other and smile wickedly.

Now here is your part:
What would you do to me? What items would you use on me and how would you use them? Remember, you can use whatever you have with you as well as what is on the table.