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Just Her Toy
« on: May 18, 2014, 01:44:36 AM »
We'd fallen asleep. Without fucking. I should have known then that you had a greater plan. It's not often that we would go to bed without banging. Moving lighter and more gently than I knew you could, you tied ropes to the bed frame, making sure I stayed asleep. You start with my legs, putting slip knots on my feet, so that as I move around, I'll tighten the knots myself, my legs spread wide. You then do the same to my hands, moving as quietly as you can. Once you're sure I'm not going to be able to move, you go and get dressed.

You put on those boots, and that lacy lingerie you know I love. You smirk to yourself, knowing that you're giving me one small perk compared to how you're about to use me. Own me.

You finish dressing. You grab the small pink butt plug, an outfit for me, and a thin metal rod.

You come back to the room. You throw my outfit to the side of the bed, and set the plug and rod next to my thighs. You get back in bed, straddling my face. You keep your pussy from touching my face, and start sucking my cock. As soon as my cock is hard and I start waking up, you shove your pussy into my face, so I can't see or smell or taste anything but your sweet pussy.

"Good morning toy" you say as I move my arms, tightening the knots around my hands. "You're nothing but mine today. If you do any single thing I don't tell you to do, you will be punished."

Unfortunately for me, I'd already shoved my tongue against your pussy, eager to taste you.

"Excuse me toy, did I tell you eat my pussy? No. Now you'll learn how I'm punishing you."

You grab the metal rod, and whip it against my thigh, leaving a bright red welt on my leg.

I thrust my hips up and groan from the unexpected pain.

"Did I tell you to move or moan? No. You're a slow learner toy." And with that you bring the rod down on my other thigh leaving another welt on my thigh.

"Now, rim me bitch." You command me, as you take my cock into your mouth. I quickly obey, and start rimming you, running my tongue all over your asshole, working on getting it as wet and getting my tongue as deep in it as possible. You suck my cock as I work your asshole, playing with just the tip. Running your tongue all over my slit. Once you taste a drop off pre cum, you stop. As you stop, I stop rimming you.

"I didn't tell you to stop toy." And you punish me again, adding one more welt to my growing collection.

I quickly resume rimming you. Once you feel my tongue on your ass, you grab my cock, and start milking the pre cum out of it. Once my head is covered, you grab the butt plug, and start coating it in my precum. You reach back, and cover it in your sweet pussy juice, and then you start working it into my ass. Covered in our combined juices. When I feel it at my ass, I unintentionally clench, and move my hips up and away from it, and stop rimming you.

"You really don't understand that you don't do anything without my permission do you bitch. You stopped rimming me. *WHAM* You moved away from me using your ass as I see fit *WHAM*" Two more welts for my growing collection. "Now, rim my ass." I immediately obey. "And if you move again, I will punish your cock."

You start working the plug in, and my ass clenches against it. You suck my cock as you work it in, to force my ass to relax and accept it, and to train me that it's associated with pleasure.

"Good toy. You've earned tasting my pussy. Suck on my clit and lap my juices toy." I immediately obey, taking your clit in my teeth, flicking my tongue across it, grazing my teeth across it, working it as best I know how. You reach down, and gather your cunt juices on your hand, and use them as lube, and start stroking the head of my cock. Just the head, squeezing my cock as tightly as you can, and working the head, slowly. I struggle to keep from moving my hips in time with your strokes, and continue sucking and working your clit, my nose buried in your cunt.

"Good toy, fuck, you're eating my pussy very well. You aren't allowed to cum. Don't even try to." and with that you start stroking my head faster, knowing that it's my weak point. You keep your eyes locked on my balls, making sure they don't even try to contract to start me cumming. I work your clit, flicking my tongue across it as fast as I can, eager for as much pussy juice as I can get, desperately wanting you to cum on my face. As I hope, you start thrusting against my face, and I make sure to hold your clit in my teeth, so that my teeth keep grazing it as you fuck my face, until you cum all over my face, and as you cum on my face, my balls start to contract. True to your word, I'm not allowed to cum. You reach down and grab them, hard, keeping them from contracting and keeping my from cumming.

"Good toy, you made me cum. But you tried to cum too. I didn't give you permission bitch." Keeping a firm grip on my balls, you grab the rod. Once you're sure I'm not cumming, you grab my cock, lay it flat on my stomach, and slam the rod across it, giving me a welt on my cock.

"FUCK" I cry out and thrust my hips against it.

"BITCH I DID NOT SAY YOU COULD MOVE." you yell at me. and lay into my legs, just adding more and more welts to them. You get off me. You grab my face, look me in the eye, and tell me "You are my fucking toy. You aren't here to do a goddamn thing but please me. I'm going to cum as many fucking times as I want to, and I don't give a fuck if you cum. If you're good and obey my fucking instructions, I'll let you cum. If you continue to need to be punished, I will leave you tied to this fucking bed all day long, and you will never be allowed to cum. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am. I understand."

"Good. Now, I'm going to go shower, and then we're going to go out. You are not showering, you are not cleaning your face, you're wearing my cum on your face like a fucking badge of honor. When I come out of the shower, you better still be hard, do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am, I understand."

"Good toy." You go shower. I sit there, and think of anything and everything I can, to keep myself turned on and my cock hard.

30 minutes later, you come back, and thankful I managed to keep it up.

"Good toy, I didn't think you'd be able to do it. I'm going to untie you, you're going to get dressed, and we're going out to brunch. You are still to obey my every instruction, even while we're out at brunch. Get dressed"

You untie me, and I get dressed in silence, as I haven't been given permission to speak.

We go get in the car, and I can feel the butt plug pressing in a little more from the pressure.

We get to the restaurant, get seated in a booth in the back corner of the restaurant, and you place our orders, I still haven't been given permission to speak. You ward off the waiters inquiries saying that I've lost my voice due to allergies.

Half way through our meal, you tell me "Take your cock out. Get it hard. Stroke it under the table. Now."

I hesitate for a split second, and in the second, you've moved your foot to my crotch. You're wearing heels, and you push the heel into my balls. "Do it now. Or I will punish you bitch." you say in low dangerous tones.

I immediately obey now, and take my cock out, stroking it under the table, until it's nice and hard for you. You glance under the table, and content with how hard it is, slip under the table and start sucking it. You suck just the head, fondling my balls with your hands, and then you take my whole cock into your mouth, and start fucking my cock with your mouth, keeping your hand on my balls the whole time. You keep going, not caring if the waiter walks by or anyone sees, until you feel my balls start to contract like they did earlier. You stop. You grab my balls, and keep me from cumming.

"Put your cock away toy, I'm done with it."

"Yes ma'am."

I reluctantly put my cock back into my jeans, oozing precum all over my boxers now.

You put your foot on my crouch, you've taken the shoe off, and just continually rub my cock throughout the rest of the meal, making sure I stay hard.

We finish, and we get up to leave. I now understand the purpose of this outfit, as I stand up, you can clearly see that I'm rock hard, the pants you picked out do nothing to keep my boner close to my body. I walk to the register with you, we pay, and the whole time you can see people in the restaurant glancing at the fact that I have a rock hard cock in my pants, and obviously aroused because there's a small dark spot where my precum has soaked through.

We get in the car, and you order me to drive. As soon as I sit down in the driver's seat, you order me to pull down my pants. I obey, taking them down to my ankles, and you grab my cock. "Drive. Take us home toy."

As I start driving, you start stroking my cock. I immediately notice, that when we get to stop signs, red lights, anything that makes me stop the car, you stop stroking. As soon as I accelerate, you start stroking again, and stroke faster and faster until I stop accelerating. I can't decide whether or not to speed, so that I get to the next stop sign faster, or to drive slower so that it takes longer to get to the stop, but you aren't stroking my cock as fast.

I decide to speed. Better to get home faster, than to let you torture me longer I decide.

Wrong decision. You immediately realize what I'm doing, and just start stroking as fast as you can. No more stopping. Desperate to get home, and not cum, is taking all my will power. I almost lose it, but again you see my balls contract and grab them, keeping me from cumming.

"No toy. You still aren't allowed to cum. Pull your pants back up, and get us home."

I pull my pants up and finish the drive home.

As soon as we get inside, you order me to undress. I take off all my clothes and just drop them in the door way.

"Go lay on the floor. Stroke your cock, make it hard for me."

"Yes ma'am." I go lay on the floor, and stroke my cock slowly, so that I don't cum and get nice and hard for you.

You come to the room, and you are completely naked, and soaking wet. You straddle my cock, and just start rubbing your pussy against it, covering my cock in your juices. I see you still have the metal rod though, and wary of punishment, I don't move at all.

You reach down, and slide my cock into your waiting pussy. I moan and thrust up, eager to get every inch in, and you immediately slap the metal rod against my chest, adding yet another welt to my body.

"I didn't tell you to move toy. If you can lie perfectly still, and stay silent, and wait until I cum on your cock, I will allow you to cum. To fill my hot, waiting pussy with every drop of that load you're desperate to blow."

You then start fucking just the tip of my cock, forcing me to watch your pussy spread and swallow the tip, and then spread and close as you take it back out.

I just lay there, silently begging you with my eyes to fuck me, and take every inch of my cock into your cunt.

You smirk, and slam your ass down on me, slapping into me body. You start fucking me in earnest, our bodies slapping together as you bounce on my cock, taking every inch in long full strokes. I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock as you start to get closer and closer to cumming, and it drives me to almost the limit. I close my eyes and focus all my willpower on not cumming, as you slam your ass against me as fast as you can.

"Fuck, god, fuckfuckfuck" you start saying, music to my ears as I know that means you're close to cumming.

"Fuckfuckfuckfuck, oh shit, fuck, I'm cumming toy, cum in me, I know you're close, I can feel how swollen your fucking head is, fuck, cum bitch, cum inside my cunt, fill it, fuck fuck fuck"

And with that, you cum all around my cock, and I dump my load into your soaked fucking cunt, and can feel your cunt tightening around my cock as I do so, milking every drop from it.

I pass out, exhausted. I wake up hours later to find you've covered me up, and are just browsing the internet.

"Oh good, you're awake. I took out the plug, and covered you up. We're going to dinner shortly, I'm fucking starving after that."

I go shower, and we go get some food, and then come home, curl up and watch a movie. And then pass the fuck out, that was a long day.