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Title: How fucked am I?
Post by: ViciousProphet on July 17, 2019, 09:10:42 AM
So I'm downloading vids from a site using passes obtained here.  When suddenly, and this has never happened before and the site is mainstream legit, a bunch of VLC players (my player of choice) open on my pc all playing the same vid/soundfile (i can't tell what or how many because it has flooded my computer).  Pulled ethernet, had to hard reset.  Virus scan is clean.

My assumption is that this is the site mods spamming me figuring I've swiped a pass?, I only had 5 downloads and was about to start a new one as one finished so they saw the clear spike in bandwidth I'm sure.  Had my no-logging VPN up, though I hadn't turned off my geo locator in browser till just now.

How fucked am i?  Is this a scare tactic or am I getting a DMCA letter?