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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 572 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:22:05

Cheshire Smiles is the type of student who always volunteers to be the hall monitor and she'll always tell on another student
for any little infraction. Certainly, kissing up to the teachers has helped Cheshire with her grades, but she's also made a lot
of enemies. In fact, recently she told on her fellow student (Darryl) for taking a test and using it to cheat. Darryl was paddled
for that infraction and you can bet that he was going to get some revenge!
After school, Darryl told Cheshire that he wanted to speak with her privately. Cheshire secretly had a crush on the bad boys, so
she decided to follow him to his house to hear what he had to say. Once there, he immediately ordered Cheshire to crawl into a cage,
startled,...she did what she was told. Darryl made it clear that he was upset with his paddling and that he was going to do something
about it, so he instructed Cheshire to get out the the cage and to prepare for a spanking of her own!
You can imagine the anguish for Cheshire as she'd never been spanked in her life. Now, she would get smacked by Darryl's hand, a
leather paddle, a strap, a wooden spatula, a crop, and hard swats with two wooden paddles! At times, Cheshire struggled greatly with
the pain, but even then she would occasionally tease Darryl, indicating that she might just have a crush on her bully. Maybe these
two could end up getting together and maybe even date, but it's more likely that Darryl would keep bullying Cheshire with spankings
and that she would hate them, but kind of like the punishments as well;)

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: wooden paddle swats , student in pain , a hot video , bare bottom paddling , submitting to her bully , very sore cheeks ,
the riding crop , caging and confinement , cute girl spanked , hard strap strokes , cheshire smiles , schoolgirl spanked , leather
paddle swats , the wooden spatula , taken captive



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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 1337 Mb
Resolutin: 700 x 570 / 25 fps
Duration: 01:59:53

This 2 hour volume features 12 of the best girls in 7 clips all digitally re-mastered from the original camera tape.
Featured are Gail , Trixie, Sarah, Miss Claire Brown, Poppy, Sacha, Susie, Barbie Mel, Becky Jordan, Sarah Harvey Lewis,
Christie & Tiffany Jones. It opens with American Girl English cane part 3 in which Gail gets ever harsher punishments
including an American spanking paddle in order for her to compare it to the English cane that will follow. Next is the
1st clip from Red Stripe's 20 Questions in which Trixie and Sarah are caught drinking wine by Miss Brown. No prizes for
guessing what they will be getting from her. Plaything Part 4 follows with Poppy getting a sound strapping from Jeremy
while Sacha looks on enjoying the mistress getting some payback. Next is Part 1 of 'Take Those Off, Put These On', featuring
Susie (from Fax and Figures) and Barbie Mel. Susie is just too high maintenance for her husband, so he sends her to a
special training facility for errant wives where she is made to strip completely & then get dressed in school uniform to
be punished. Becky Jordan is next in part 1 of 'Dance of the Cane'. She is a lap dancer who breaks the rules about giving
customers her phone number. The club security manager takes matters in hand, but when she tries to take the heat out of the
situation by giving him a lap dance, she ends up over his lap for a good hard spanking. In Part 1 of 'It's in the Contract'
Chrissie gets spanked by her landlord while Sarah Harvey Lewis watches in trepidation of what she will be getting. Finally
Tiffany Jones and Barbie Mel feature in Part 1 of 'Paperback Writer' from the Tiffany Jones Trilogy. Tiffany is hired as a
temp audio typist to transcribe spanking stories. She gets turned on by the stories and carried away with her imagination
to the point where she imagines Barbie Mel and herself in the stories

Best_of_the_Brits_-_Remastered_-_Vol_13.mp4 (1336.6 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 859 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:32:41

"Trance" picks up right where "Hot to the Touch" left off and gives us an inside look at the naughty
behavior of Lilo Lovich. Lilo was previously spanked and given a vibrator by her boyfriend, though he
had to hurry out of the house when her step dad arrived home. Once there, it became clear that Lilo was
naked under a blanket and she also had a sex toy. Lilo's dad decided to do something that he'd done before,
he put her in a trance so he could easily access the information that he wanted from the girl freely.
Once in a trance, Lilo admitted to doing some rather filthy things, and she also confessed to enjoying
the sensation of the vibrator when placed against some of her more intimate parts! Every question that
Lilo's dad asked was answered honestly, and soon she found herself having her bottom and breasts being
smacked and she was going right along with it all. In fact, Lilo had to take some rather provocative
positions for the punishment, eventually being placed over her dad's knee for a paddling that would also
involve him getting her off as well! This is a hot video that features some rather sexy spankings:)

Tags: OTK   SPANKING,   DADDYS   GIRL,   PADDLING,   VIBRATOR,   18   &   19   YRS   OLD           
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naughty   girl   punished,   sexy   spanki 

Category: SPANKING



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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 469 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:17:50

Previously, Rachel Nova was given a heated spanking punishment in "Spank the Sinner" because she was caught making
out with a boy behind the church! Now she's in even more hot water when her Dad finds her reading a book that he deems
immoral. The small town pastor scolds Rachel for the ongoing defiance and takes her right over his knee for a solid spanking
that immediately turns that bare bottom red!
Rachel struggled to keep her composure during the hand spanking and things became more intense for the worldly girl when her
Dad grabbed two leather paddles to tan those cheeks! Bare bottom spankings hurt, and they sting even worse when there's a
paddling involved. To make matters worse, Rachel's strict dad peeled off his leather belt and he whipped that bare bottom good,
sizzling every inch of that exposed behind! And even though that spanking burned like fire, Rachel lashed back at her Dad by
confessing that she still loved the boy that she was forbidden to see! Surely there would be painful consequences for talking
back to her dad,...consequences that would involve additional corporal punishment!

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: otk paddling , turning her ass red , religious themes , mtf , naughty girl spanked , pleading with daddy , trans girl spanked , daddy's hard hand , parental discipline , daughter spanked , disappointed father , stern swats , solid belt whipping , scolding , rachel nova

YOU_MUST_BE_FORGIVEN.part1.rar (241.0 Mb)
YOU_MUST_BE_FORGIVEN.part2.rar (228.3 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 264 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:09:56

Moving to a new town is tough, and it can be even more difficult moving to a new country! Jayda Blaze and her dad recently
found themselves in a small town in Canada where Jayda was enrolled in a rather strict school. Jayda's dad had found her
acting out more than usual after the move, in fact she'd been very defiant. A job transfer can be tough on a family, but
as a single parent it was truly tough on Mr. Blayze. Sure, he had spanked her several times since moving to Canada, but the
girl simply needed to be embarrassed for her bad behavior and Jayda needed a spanking that would hurt more than usual!
The final straw came when Mr. Blayze was bringing Jayda to school one morning and on that day she pushed her dad too far
with the sass and the disobedience. Sure enough, her dad marched her into that private school and asked Jayda's professor
(Professor Tawse) to help him punish her in front of the class! School had not even started yet, but education and correction
are in session at all times. Most of the other students were glad to see Jayda get punished as she'd been a thorn in their sides,
she'd even attempted to steal the boyfriend of a student, how terrible. It was decided by Mr. Blayze that Jayda would take 60
strokes of the belt and he and Professor Tawse would deliver them together!
One by one, the belt strokes landed on the round bottom of Jayda and it became increasingly difficult for her to hold her composure
as the strapping went on. Only her rather small panties offered some protection, but those cheeks were clearly sticking out
(certainly those were not regulation panties). Of course, Jayda was thankful when the double strapping was over, but her dad
informed her that the punishment wasn't over quite yet, in fact the worst was yet to come. Mr. Blayze informed Jayda that she
would be bending back over for 30 swats with the wooden school paddle, and those swats would be on the bare! Jayda was already
embarrassed, but now every girl in the class would see her naked bottom as it was paddled. The punishment that morning would be
remembered for years to come by everyone in the room, though for different reasons. It was a much needed spanking that had to be
administered and Jayda did benefit from the paddling as was evident in her ongoing and improved behavior.

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: school swats , thick leather belts , humiliating spanking , double belt strapping , bare bottom spanking ,
hot red bottom , spanked by teacher , cute student , parental discipline , spanked by daddy , spanked at school , amazing bottom ,
wooden paddle swats , deserving of punishment , jayda blayze



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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 334 Mb
Resolutin: 1280 x 720/ 25 fps
Duration: 00:11:12

institute_bm4000.mp4 (333.6 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 345 Mb
Resolutin: 1280 x 720/ 25 fps
Duration: 00:11:44

institute_r4000.mp4 (345.3 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 290 Mb
Resolutin: 1280 x 720/ 25 fps
Duration: 00:09:53

institute_bl4000.mp4 (289.9 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 1285 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:21:48

Two lazy brats are sternly disciplined by strict Head Mistress Rouge! It’s midterm disciplinary
review time and Braemar seniors Rachel and Lola are in for a painful session with their demanding
head mistress. Cutting classes, late assignments and poor attitudes, earn both miscreants over the
knee spankings.

Lola_and_Rachel_Spanked.mp4 (1284.6 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 496 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration:  00:18:46

"Never Too Late For a Spanking" is the first part of a two part series titled "The Sins of the Father" and this
video features some very hard spanking! This story is about a man who claims his innocence after he took the
fall for a white collar crime, one that took him away from his family, and then he returned. Not shockingly, the
man's daughter (Shy Sky) is bitter and upset even though her Father had tried everything he could to make amends.
Finally, after being walked over too many times, Shy's Dad grabbed a few things that he used to use on her for
discipline before he was sent away, and he blazes her butt to make up for the spankings that she missed out on!
The spanking starts out over a tight pair of jeans right away with a belt, and the licks are firm! Imagine not
having been spanked for years, and just before you're about to move out you have to feel the sting of the strap.
Shy's jeans are pulled down next and the belt whipping continues, though it's easy to see that Shy has been
building up anger towards her Father and things would just have to be settled between them. A stiff leather paddle
is used to smack her bottom as well, but it's when the long prison strap is used on her bare cheeks that we begin
to see how strict her Father really can be!
Shy is full of fire even though her bottom is being lit up and her Father decides not to give in to the pleading,
he knows that corporal punishment had worked with her in the past and he uses the crop to sting her fanny good!
Other implements are used to get this girl under control, but it's the lexan paddle with holes that really had the
girl struggling. That long paddle sizzled Shy's behind and left her with sore and swollen cheeks that were hot to
the touch! And even though Shy's bottom was throbbing, it was hard to tell if she was remorseful or if this family
could come together as a unit again? Let's hope for the sake of Shy's bottom that she can forgive her father and
that he can forgive her.

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: painful paddle swats , the lexan paddle , pleading with daddy , hard belt strokes , bare bottom spanking ,
a family punishment , strapped in jeans , the prison strap , strapped for the sass , beautiful girl spanked , the leather
paddle , red and welted , a swollen bottom , stinging riding crop , shy sky



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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 414 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration:  00:15:52

After all of the speculation in "Strict House Rules" and "Born to Be Sore", we finally find out that Mr. Kinter is
in fact Kiki's real Dad! It's shocking news after all that they've been through. At the same time, Kiki's mom has
made strides in her life and she can now go back home to her if she wants to. After given the option of living with
her new Dad or going back to live at her previous home, she decides that she wants to stay with her new Dad!
Mr. Kinter makes it clear though that if Kiki stays she's going to take a spanking punishment that she has coming to
her for the defiance that she had shown previously! Kiki agrees to the punishment and she goes right over her Dad's
knee for an old fashioned spanking. The girl is given strict smacks as her bottom turns a nice shade of red, she's
also informed that she'll be getting swats with the wooden paddle later! First though, Kiki's bottom is bared and she
gets swats with a leather paddle, they burn her buns, but they're well deserved. Next, Kiki is made to strip entirely
and she's put on notice that any future spankings will also be given to the girl when she has fully stripped!
The final part of this punishment has Kiki in a very exposed position off the corner of the bed and she is given swats
with a wooden paddle! Mr. Kinter believes in firm corporal punishment and that's exactly what Kiki was given. In fact,
Kiki admits to her new Dad that she hasn't had much discipline in life so far, perhaps the girl respects her Dad for
caring enough to tan her behind during the times that she needs it most?

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: otk spanking , a defiant daughter , painful spankings , wooden paddle swats , bare bottom spanking , naked
discipline , beautiful girl spanked , daddy/girl spankings , parental punishment , sexy positions , leather paddle swats ,
an accepting girl , fully naked spankings , red hot bottom , kiki cali



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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 641 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:24:19

Moving can be a real pain in the ass, so when you hire someone to help, you want someone that you can trust.  Mr. Prescott hired Jade
on good word of mouth and she seemed more than eager to take on the job!  Everything was going smoothly and things were being accomplished
until she was discovered rifling through some bags that also happened to have spanking implements in them.  Jade was given a chance to
explain herself and when given the choice of facing law enforcement or a having to endure a stern spanking, she chose the spanking!
Jade is taken over the knee and spanked like a delinquent by Mr. Prescott, he wasn't putting up with her excuses or her kicking as he
locked her legs in with his.  To drive the lesson home she was forced to bend over and take pounding shots of the riding crop, and then
cruel strap strokes from two different straps.  By the time the punishment was over Jade seemed remorseful, but it also became evident
that a stinging spanking session over the knee is the type of treatment that a girl like Jade needs!

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: leather paddle , punishment , stinging straps , tattoos , scolding , hard hand spanking , jade , the shame of it all ,
boss/employee , beautiful buns , pleading , sore bare bottom , a secret desire , learning the hard way , the riding crop

The_Mover_and_Her_Busted_Buns.mp4 (641.0 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 627 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:24:16

JK Howling is seen here in her first ever video, and she endures a thorough spanking to get what she wants. Her older brother (Teddy)
is left in charge when their parents leave town, and he seems to have a thing for spanking, especially when it comes to tanning JK's
bottom! JK wants to have a boy over so she can play around with him and she sees this as the perfect time, however Teddy feels that he's
taking some big risks allowing her to have a visitor (especially a boy), so he proposes that JK take a spanking from him and she accepts
the offer. Lately, JK has seemingly needed a lot of favors from Teddy, and each and every time he comes through for her, he also always
proposes some outrageous (and often kinky) way for her to pay him back.
Teddy is more than happy to give JK what she wants as long as he gets what he wants, and the spanking starts out with JK in her tight black
leggings and over his knee. Her brother taunts her all throughout the spanking, making the entire situation even more humiliating for her.
Once Teddy is finished smacking her bottom with his hand, he then bends his sister over the bed and by now she's just wearing a tiny pair
of panties. Teddy grabs some of the implements that their parents keep around to spank them when the both of them deserve corporal
punishment, and seemingly he enjoys the fact that he's the one who's giving the spankings!
A leather show paddle is the first implement that is used, followed up by swats with a heavier round leather paddle. Both paddles sting
the daylights out of JK's behind, but she really wants to spend some time with her new crush so she stays in position. The paddling is
followed up by a strapping, and by this point JK is sporting a bare bottom and her beautiful cheeks are glowing red! The split tailed strap
that is used is very painful and JK struggles to make it through all of the strokes, and it doesn't get any easier for her when she has to
take hard licks with a thick billet strap!!! JK took a darn good spanking, she may not like what she has to go through to get what she wants,
but she's at least somewhat pleased that she always has options, as painful as they may be.

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: hard strappings , universalspankingandpunishment,  she needs a favor , over the knee spanking , spanked by her brother , hot red buns , taunting her , thick billet
strap , bare bottom spanking , split tailed strap , otk spanking , squeezing her bottom , jk howling , taboo , heating up her butt , first
time on camera

Growing_Pains.mp4 (627.0 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 456 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:17:35

"10 X 10": A Painful Spanking" is a straight forward and red hot spanking video that features the lovely Samantha Storm taking 10 licks each
with 10 different implements! It's 100 swats/strokes total and her bottom gets fired right up, this is indeed a painful session that she's
never going to forget!
The spanking starts off with the thick leather billet strap being firmly applied to the cute bottom of Samantha, and her beautiful buns are
only covered by a very thin pair of panties. Next, a stiff leather paddle is used and followed by a stingy split tailed leather strap! A wooden
paddle is then applied to further heat up Samantha's behind, followed by a thin leather strap.
Things intensify for the next five implements and the final 50 licks, and a bigger leather paddle come out and blasts Samantha's bare bottom as
her panties have now been pulled down, exposing her naked cheeks. Next, a painful leather tawse is used and Samantha really begins to struggle,
but who could blame her? The tawse is followed up by swats with a heavy plastic paddle, swats are never easy and that proves true in this situation.
The last two implements are certainly the worst, truly Samantha has been through a lot and to have to take 10 each with the rubber strap with holes
and the lexan paddle with holes is most difficult! This session truly sizzled Samantha's bare bottom, but it inspired her to keep up with her
regular maintenance punishments.
Also, stay tuned for a bonus scene where Samantha takes an excellent switching with a hemp stick!!!

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: the painful lexan paddle , the switch , the tawse , the lexan paddle w/holes , the strappings hurt , girls hate swats ,
the wooden paddle , the rubber strap , swollen red cheeks , hot bare bottom , true painful spankings , burning leather licks , samantha storm ,
painful lessons

10_X_10_A_Painful_Spanking_wSamantha_Storm.mp4 (456.1 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
« Reply #34 on: December 16, 2019, 05:48:16 PM »


File Size: 970 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:16:24

The punishments continue with hard strapping, hairbrush and a wood paddling

Nikki_Rouge_Paddles_the_Girls.part1.rar (497.0 Mb)
Nikki_Rouge_Paddles_the_Girls.part2.rar (471.5 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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File Size: 463 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:17:53

The_Tutor_is_Paddled_in_Mexico.mp4 (462.8 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
« Reply #36 on: December 19, 2019, 08:26:12 PM »


File Size: 498 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:18:57

Ten Amorette has a unique situation, she still gets spanked at home. As seen in "Moving Back Home" and "Never Leaving Home", Ten has
agreed to regular spankings from her father, in exchange for his guidance, wisdom, and a place to stay. In her new situation, Ten has
shown great success, seeing her life come together in remarkable ways, she's even been promoted at work! However, in the last week or
so Ten has been showing up to work late, in fact several times, and that is out of character for her these days. Ten's father noticed
her leaving late for work for than one and decided to call her boss (Mr. Raleigh), in fact her father made an unusual request,...he
asked Mr. Raleigh to spank Ten at work! Mr. Raleigh thought about things, and once he heard the progress that Ten had made through
receiving strict corporal punishment, he agreed to spank Ten at the office. Ten was shocked, but she didn't put it past her dad to
reach out to Mr. Raleigh, in fact her father even sent several implements over to Mr. Raleigh so he could really scorch Ten's behind
for her recent punctuality problems.
Ten is instructed to bend over the desk and the spanking begins with her in a cute red dress, though it is soon pulled up exposing a
very lovely bottom, one that Mr. Raleigh will enjoy smacking! Ten's boss isn't pleased with her being late either, and his frustration
can be felt as the spanking keeps getting harder and harder, changing the color of Ten's bared behind. Ten's beautiful derriere is already
hurting a lot when Mr. Raleigh begins using a leather slapper on Ten, she hates the sting that it causes and that it makes her fight back
tears. A heavy and thick leather paddle is used next, and the swats ring out loud in the office, not only will Ten have a hard time sitting
down, but the entire office is going to know what happened!!!
The last two implements are dreadful for Ten, first she takes blazing strokes with a reformatory strap, and then she must endure a long set
of swats with a wooden paddle. Those paddle swats blaze Ten's tender rear, she now feels as if she could be spanked anywhere and at any time.
Both implements are incredibly painful, surely Ten will be refocused after this punishment, as it seems she'll now be spanked at home AND
at work when it's deserved!

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: hot red cheeks , suffering through swats , humiliating spanking , bare bottom paddling , stiff leather paddle , panties pulled down ,
hard office strapping , sexy red buns , spanked by her boss , punished at work , wooden paddle swats , skirt pulled up , ten amorette , pleading ,
cute office girl

Never_Late_to_Work_Again.part1.rar (300.0 Mb)
Never_Late_to_Work_Again.part2.rar (198.2 Mb)


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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
« Reply #37 on: December 19, 2019, 08:39:33 PM »


File Size: 446 Mb
Resolutin: 1920 x 1080/ 30 fps
Duration: 00:17:06

In the past, Harley has had behavioral problems and certainly had to endure more than one spanking punishment from her Father. In fact,
based on Harley's poor behavior, the Father and Daughter began a regular corporal punishment regimen that saw Harley's actions and attitude
improve over time. You can imagine his disappointment though when Harley confessed to getting into an accident with her Dad's truck! He was
disappointed, and Harley knew what was coming,...she would end up bare bottom and sore from a spanking.
Harley's Father took her right over his knee and began spanking her round bottom in her tight leggings. The sting of his hand only seemed to
get worse with each blow, and the punishment had just begun. Next he slid the leggings down and proceeded to spank her harder in just her
thong, she could feel his heartbreak with every single smack. Harley knew what was coming next, her father bared her behind completely and
continued to spank her swollen cheeks, the discomfort was familiar to her, but never became any easier. To matters worse, she was instructed
to get up on the bed on all fours, fully exposed and embarrassed for more of the hand, followed up by a long licking with his belt. She hated
Daddy's belt,...for the most part, but there were those times when she couldn't help feeling like a dose of the strap was exactly what she
deserved,...and needed.
To pay for the damages to the truck, Harley would be sent to work at the house of a friend of her Father. One would think at this point
Harley would be responsible and behaving in remarkable fashion, however, Harley's day of spanking wouldn't be over, in fact,...she may have
been on the road to a lifetime of punishment!

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Keywords: daddy's belt , a punished daughter , a disappointed father , having to go bare , hard lesson learned , pleading and crying out ,
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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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Recently, Danielle Banner came to us for an attitude adjustment ("Attitude Adjustment #6") and she was given some very hard spankings!
Unfortunately for her, she couldn't control her mouth at the end of that shoot, so here you can see the hard spanking punishment that
took place after that video finished. Danielle has almost superhuman powers when it comes to taking spankings, but let's see what happens
when the strokes are very strict and given on the bare right from the start!
This video begins with Danielle taking bare bottom swats with the wooden bath brush! You can actually see circles forming on her bottom
as the hard licks are laid in with vigor. Next, she endures a painful application with the old fashioned carpet beater,...made of rattan,
it packs a whallop. A heavy split fingered strap is used next, and not only is it applied to Danielle's bare bottom, it's also dished out
on her thighs as well! The final two implements used are a heavy wooden paddle and a thick cane. Throughout this punishment we heard gasps
from Danielle, but the paddle and the cane truly put her to the test and had her thinking seriously about changing the way that she talks
to people.

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: bare bottom caning , very red ass , a thick cane , hard spankings , wooden paddle swats , bare from the start , heavy paddle swats ,
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Re: Spanking, fetish, caning, f/f,m/f
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Ana L made a bold decision moving to America. She wanted a brand new start and was fortunate enough to find a friend who would let
her crash on the couch. However, as soon as she was in that house she took advantage of being a guest and she would pick up loose
change (and dollars), while drinking the most expensive beverages in the home. The husband (Ron) of Ana's friend wasn't having it
and he confronted her privately, it was then that he made it clear that there would have to be some sort of agreement between them
or Ana was going to get tossed out!
Ana seemed oblivious to the accusations made by Ron and that made him more agitated, in fact, he proposed a bold solution that would
involve Ana bending over and taking bare bottom spankings! Ana didn't want to pay the rent in that manner but her options were limited,
so she stuck her bottom out and Ron began to collect some past due rent. The spankings started out over Ana's little panties and Ron
smacked her good, he was determined to get a little revenge on the arrogant woman. Soon her bottom would be bared and the smacks would
get harder, but Ana really started paying attention to the seriousness of the situation when Ron peeled off his leather belt!
Ron took great pleasure in strapping the bare bottom of Ana, her carefree attitude infuriated him and the belt would make things right
again! Ana didn't know what to do and Ron knew that he had her on the ropes, he suggested that perhaps the future rent could be paid
in full if she took regular corporal punishment. A leather paddle would be applied next and those swats were hard, in fact many of
them were given in rapid succession! Ana needed to make a decision and time was running out, she was going to have to make a tough
choice. The final implement used was a wooden paddle. That board really stung her naked behind and in any other situation she would
have been out the door, but Ana needed a roof over her head now and she would have to make a big decision when the swats were completed!

Category: SPANKING


Keywords: wooden paddle swats , a hard decision , painful spankings , bare ass paddling , bare bottom spanking , making a deal ,
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