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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #220 on: November 28, 2019, 06:03:08 AM »

JOI Rose R Return The Favour
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JOI Amber Deen Kinky Mistress Pt1
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JOI Cherry English Naughty Fantasy Pt2
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JOI Honour May The Horny Step Dad Pt2
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JOI Rio Lee I Need To Cum
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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #221 on: December 03, 2019, 08:29:11 AM »

JOI Chloe Toy Am I Doing It Right
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JOI Ivy Lets Play A Game Step Brother
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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #222 on: December 04, 2019, 08:14:06 AM »

JOI spanky princess tattooed babe fucks you in the shower
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HUMILIATION The Jealous Paypig Cycle My Bratty Bragging Makes You Want To Spend
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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #223 on: December 06, 2019, 08:38:07 AM »

JOI Amber Jayne Our Dirty Little Secret Pt2
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JOI Cherry English Dirty Payrise
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HUMILIATION Feminist Activist Makes You Goon For Feminism
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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #224 on: December 07, 2019, 03:12:29 PM »

JOI pandagrl joi lets cum together
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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #225 on: December 10, 2019, 02:39:09 PM »

JOI my cheetara joi squirt and dildo ride custom
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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #226 on: December 11, 2019, 06:59:33 PM »

JOI Luna Toxxxic My Little Present For You
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MessyCleo - Red Body JOI
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Codi Vore-Amateur-Edging Games, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, JOI Games, Kink
How long can you last, watching this sexy Jerk Off Instruction? I help you jerk your cock off, instructing you to take a break every now and then as you build up your orgasm. At first, I show you how I would play with your cock while telling you to imagine groping my huge tits. I slowly reveal my breasts and let you edge to my tits some more… lubing the dildo up and slipping it between my breasts, telling you to imagine fucking my huge tits while you stroke your dick harder and faster. I then show you my wet pussy, showing you the dildo teasing my pussy lips and hole, so close to penetrating my tight cunt. I then finally start fucking my pussy hard with that dick, hoping you imagine pounding me and losing myself to the intense sensation. You take another break, come back, and fuck me again even harder, and I count down for us to cum together, filling my pussy up with jizz or covering my face and tits in your hot cum

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This video is also available in Virtual Reality!! I start off our session by having you take out your hard cock… I’m wearing a tiny little bra and I bounce for you while you start stroking. I pull my bra off and show you my huge naked tits… I bounce up and down on my toes, encouraging you to imagine me riding your cock… Finally, I give you a countdown to cum

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I’m your girlfriend with an exciting surprise… a magical pill that makes my tits grow as you stroke your cock!! I encourage you to jack off and inflate my tits while I moan… my breasts grow and pop out of my button up and tiny bra. I beg you to fuck my tits and slide your cock between my lubed up tits. The harder you fuck them, the bigger they get, and I can’t get enough!! You finally cum on my big swollen tits and I thank you! I use the name Zac in this custom video.

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I keep catching your stares while I work out with you… you seriously can’t concentrate, because you are so captivated by my huge tits and killer curves. I guess I’ll just have to get you off before we can get back to work!

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I know how much you want to fuck me. I bet you would even eat your own cum for me. I tease you, humiliate you, and edge you until I countdown to let you cum. But there’s a twist… I want you to work up the biggest load you can so that you swallow it all just for me like a good little cumslut. *This is a custom video and I use the name Simon!*

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Your busty friend starts asking you personal questions… She never hears you talk about what you like in girls and she seems to want to know! Well, more specifically, she knows you have a boob fetish and you won’t admit it! After you don’t give her the info she wants, she starts to drag it out of you, listing the times she caught you staring at her huge knockers. She teases you with her breasts until you finally admit it, so she takes them out and asks you to jack off to her! She teases and denies you for being so shy, but ultimately she seems interested in watching you masturbate to her, and she’s proud that she got you to finally admit your desire! She finally begs you to cum on her tits (something you’ve fantasized about for a long time!) *This is a custom video, and I use the name “Aaron” throughout!*

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Welcome to Club Vore, where owner Tegan Trex delights her members with sexual thrills. Today, she brings in Codi, an 18-year-old virgin who she seduced at the library. She brings Codi up by a rope around her wrists to a crowd of horny men, and asks her to talk about the way she pleases herself. Tegan demands that she remove her clothes and give her guests a true show. Flustered and humiliated, Codi is completely under Tegan’s spell as she grinds against her body and fingers her pussy. Tegan instructs the crowd to take out their cocks and masturbate while she thrusts her fingers into Codi’s tight, virgin cunt. Finally, she gives them a countdown to cum, and Codi orgasms around Tegan’s fingers while she watches the crowd of men ejaculate for her. You can hear the sounds of people in the background of this video, adding to the exhibitionism and humiliation

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Goddess Canna makes your little sister show you her huge tits… Won’t you get off to your sister? I mean, she’s SO sexy.

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I believe all cucks deserve two things: denial and debt. I want you to buy this clip, lock up your cock, and kneel and watch in agony as I make My boyfriend’s dick hard. If you behave and pay Me, I might let you clean up the mess.

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HUMILIATION Hot Secretary Blackmails Her Boss And Makes Him Eat His Load
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jamiett chemical castration
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I know some men don’t really want to be men, some men find having a cock such an inconvenience. It gets hard when they don’t want it too and it lets them down when they really don’t need it too! Some men find their dick has only led them to be ridiculed and laughed at, some men are so embarrassed by their tiny clit dicks that it leads them into thinking of ways to stop that cock ruining their lives. Maybe castration is the answer but it’s a bit extreme to be honest, you may one day learn to love the lousy sausage again so why don’t you try a different sort of castration, a chemical one..

jamiett chemical castration
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jamiett choices
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You always have choice pet, from the moment you get up in the morning from the moment you go to bed at night. Most of your choices are boring tho, ones that are determined by external factors like work and who you are around but you still have choices you can make. Choices like getting naughty, getting dirty, contacting me and paying me of course.. These are all important choices that you can make on your own and I can make choices too like whether to sit clothed, in my bra & panties or nude or whether I ruin you and fuck you up. All important choices..

jamiett choices
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You know you want to be a little cock jockey for me, a filthy spunk bucket that is never full up!
You dream and fantasise about getting the cock so much and I want you to go out and get it for real!
I want your arse ruined, you covered in sweat and used. Go out and be my little cock jockey, you know you really want to

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A reworked custom clip for all to enjoy! You are going to be my dirty little cock sucker. I have my strap-on here and it’s ready for you. You are going to suck it and fuck it and show me how good you are because I am going to sell that arse to anyone that wants it and I won’t be picky! Renting you out, so I can get paid is something you really want so don’t deny it.

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Look at that little itty bitty clitty you have there and compare it to the cocks on your screen in this clip. Feel yourself feel with envy and become jealous that you are so small. You can barely call that clitty a cock so don’t.. It’s your clitty and you are wanking to the big boys in this clip.. Just remember tho no one wants to see it so keep it hidden clitty loser

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When you accept my files, download my files and run my files it makes you complicit in the act. The act of me getting inside those devices and hacking into them, you know what I am capable of since I advertise it and you give me full authorisation to do this. You allow me to get closer than anyone has ever before and makes you a willing victim, a victim that has requested his own demise and has usually begged for it at some point. Are you a victim, are you the prey or just a stupid loser for letting me do what I do. You cannot blame me for doing what I do when you dumb men hand it to me on a plate. You are aware, you are knowing and you are complicit in the act..

jamiett complicit in the act
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jamiett confess to goddess
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jamiett confess to goddess
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jamiett confiscate the cash
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You don’t deserve that cash, you don’t work hard enough for it and you definitely shouldn’t be spending it so I’m going to help you out by confiscating that cash. I will take what’s mine and you won’t be able to stop me.
Once I get close and I get all the info I need I can log in to all those accounts and clear you out if I wanted too.
I’ll confiscate what isn’t yours pet because I’m always here to help you.

jamiett confiscate the cash
 mp4 - 834 MB - 8 min 33 s - 1920x1080


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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #227 on: December 12, 2019, 08:41:31 PM »
Codi Vore-Amateur-Boob Bouncing, Virtual Reality, Huge Tits, Kink, JOI
Watch my big bouncing tits like you’ve never seen before! I start this 4K 360 video by having you take out your hard cock… I’m wearing a tiny little bra and I bounce for you while you start stroking. I pull my bra off and show you my huge naked tits… I bounce up and down on my toes, encouraging you to imagine me riding your cock… Finally, I give you a countdown to cum

codi vore virtual reality bouncing boobs joi
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Amber Deen "Just For My Step Dad"
Amber has gone into your room to put some clothes in the wardrobe and she has no idea you're perving on her. She is bent over in your wardrobe with her curvy ass on show. You can't help but get a hard-on over your stepdaughter! Amber notices you and the bulge in your pants! To your surprise, she thinks you're really hot and wants to have some fun with you before your wife gets back. Get your COCK out ready for Amber as she gives you a blowjob and then lets you fuck her!

JOI Amber Deen Just For My Step Dad
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Rio Lee "Fuck Your Ass First"
You have always had the urge to fuck your girlfriend, Rio, in the ass but before you do that...Rio wants to fuck you first! It's only fair, right? Lie back and let Rio fuck you with her strap on whilst she JERKS your COCK, making you shoot your load everywhere.

JOI Rio Lee Fuck Your Ass First
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JOI Black Pantyhose Argyle Socks Feet Leg Tease With Jerk Off Instructions
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JOI Edge at the Bounce of My Upskirt
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JOI Suck and Stroke for your Goddess
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JOI Your Cock Throbs with the Sizzling Noise of My Pantyhose
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JOI Your Flashlight and Cock Ring Experience - JOI and CEI
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lady fyre your new babysitter teaches you to jerk
Lady Fyre-Amateur-Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement, Orgasms, Taboo
Your new babysitter is so hot that when she comes into your room to tuck you in, you know you’re not going to be able to sl33p. She’s already let you stay up too late, so your parents are going to be home soon. She begs you to please go to sl33p. She knows if you’re still awake when your parents get home she’ll lose her job. You’re too old for a bedtime story, so she shyly suggests you play with yourself. “My boyfriend says that helps him sl33p,” the hot redhead explains. But you have no idea what she’s talking about. “You know, jerk off,” and she makes a weird hand motion. You still don’t know what she’s talking about. She’s know it’s not fair if she doesn’t explain what she means, so she tells you to pull down your pajama bottoms & jerk off. She shows you how. She feels guilty about it, but you simply must be asl33p when your parents get home. You’re not finishing fast enough, so she lifts her skirt, pulls aside her panties & shows you her pussy. That gets you much harder, so she starts to play with yourself encourages you to jerk faster. But then she gets so turned on while watching you that she has an orgasm. It’s so amazing to watch this super hot babysitter writhing in pleasure. You’ve never seen an orgasm before & you shoot your first load all over yourself. She tells you to clean yourself up. She looks embarrassed, but she says that if you’re asl33p when your parents get home, maybe they’ll ask her back again & she can put you to sl33p like this again next time.

lady fyre your new babysitter teaches you to jerk
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 katiiemae chocolate syrup joi
katiiemae-ManyVids-Cum Countdown, Dirty Talking, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, MILF
Let me give you the JOI you need + Chocolate Syrup CUM!

katiiemae chocolate syrup joi
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HUMILIATION I Turn Alphas Into My Pay Pigs Imagine What I Can Do To You
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sweetophelia rich girl ignores you while texting
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I know how bad you want my attention. Too bad. Look at my shoes. Kiss my ass.

sweetophelia rich girl ignores you while texting
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penelope peach sissy gets cucked by pregnant wife
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To lay some basic ground work. We have been married a long time, We love each other very much but its clear I can’t satisfy you in bed and make a much better sissy cuck then a Man. You love that I let you go out and fuck whoever whenever. After a few “attempts” at getting pregnant you take maters into your own hands and find a bull to knock you up. It only took one try. fast forward 8 months. Lay on your back with your head and breasts in frame with the pov of me on top of you. You say since I was a good Sissy and go all my chores done I get 5 mins to fuck you. Slightly rock so your boobs bounce a little. Act very uninterested. Say things like are you in yet and then laugh as if I said yes, Play on your phone , just be bored, after a few mins say “This is why I had to find a man to get me pregnant” and then tell me to get off. (At this point get in whatever position is most comfortable for you) At this point do what you do best, riff on puttting me down from my dick being to small to my weak nasty tasting sperm. Talk about how you can’t wait to have your bulls baby because he is taking you on a babymoon and how your going to pack the sexiest lingerie and all the sex your going to have. All well i’m at home changing diapers and taking care of a real mans baby. Work in how cute I look in panties and how good of a girl I make. Tease me with your breasts and belly through out the video. Drive home that you love me but a weak little sissy and how happy you are that your have an alpha baby with a build in babysitter so you can go out fucking young studs. Also if you want to eat ice cream or something cause your craving it do it. Please feel free to message me for any details i may have missed. I love how good you are with your mental dominance and want you to be able to play with it how you feel is natural but if you want more of a script let me know. I trust you.

penelope peach sissy gets cucked by pregnant wife
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 lady fyre sex therapist cum eating instruction
Lady Fyre-ManyVids-ASMR, Mesmerize, Cum Eating Instruction, Goddess Worship
Since you’ve never been to a sex therapist before, I need to explain a bit about how this works. I use unconventional methods to get you to your goal. It says on your chart that your goal is to eat your own cum. I’m going to use mesmerism to get you there. Once you’re under, I get close to you a use the ASMR technique of whispering. When the masturbation encouragement, mesmerism & the whispering don’t quite get you there, I begin to use sensuality to bring your closer to your goal. I show off my stockings, bring your attention to my legs. Then I reveal my cleavage, my beautiful breasts in my bra. I encourage you to speed up the stroking. When I realize that isn’t going to be enough, I take off my glasses, encourage you to use the image of my body to help you reach climax. I remove my shirt & my skirt. I show off my ass in my thong, then I strip out of the thong & panties. It turns you on to think about how a beautiful, dominant woman can get you to do something that scares you so much. I encourage you to climb up the wall so your legs are over your head, then I spread my legs & show off my pussy, which finally puts you over the edge. I’ve done my job as your sex therapist, as you cum into your own mouth.

lady fyre sex therapist cum eating instruction
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lady fyre stepmothers plan 1080p
Lady Fyre-Amateur-Taboo, Virtual Sex, Financial Domination, Femdom POV, Redhead
Your new stepmother is concerned about your behavior at home. She’s read all the parenting books and understands that it’s normal for you to go through a time of adjustment, but she’s been with your father for over a year and thinks it’s time for you to warm up to her or get out. You’re technically an adult now, and if you’re going to keep making snide remarks & being passive aggressive, she’s going to recommend that you move out. You don’t really need financial support anymore, and having a job is great for building character… When it’s clear that you aren’t interested in having her as a stepmother, she suggests that perhaps if you can’t see her as an authority figure, you two should be “friends”. She’s never been good at being “just friends” with men though, which is how she & your father got together. She seduces you. Then she tells you her plans to divorce your father and take his money. You threaten to tell him, but she points to your cock & says, “If I can do this to you, a boy who is already suspicious of me, imagine what control I have over your father, a man who is so smitten that he’ll give me anything I want.” You have no choice but to stay quiet, knowing your stepmother’s plan.

lady fyre stepmothers plan 1080p
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forever mine
Lady Fyre-Amateur-Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Sensual Domination, Tit Worship, Femdom POV
Custom (name Johnny is used). A rhyming spell, a siren’s song to put you deep under & bring sensations to the forefront of your mind while you open your subconscious to me.** From the moment you first saw my breasts & you couldn’t look away, you knew you were caught. Now you can feel your cock stiffening at the mention of my breasts. Your eyes follow my breasts back in forth. So mesmerizing. You could stare at them all day long, going deeper. You feel yourself being pulled under until your mind is open & ready to obey. You love feeling weak for me. You love the anticipation of what might happen next. You feel a longing for your mistress when I’m so far away. And yet, when you go under for me, I am so close to you. You can feel a chill run up & down your spine & are amazed at the control I have over your mind. It’s so thrilling to know that my words can control you so. And so you submit even more. You allow me to take you through all of these feelings one at a time. One feeling at a time I make you mine. Feel the warmth flowing over your body from your head to your toes. Your mistress knows you. Your mistress knows the way you feel when you’re warm & calm, when I have you in the palm… of my hand. Your mind opening more & more… waiting to see… what I have in store for you & your subconscious mind. You long to be more & more each moment mine. Mine & mine alone. Here you are not alone because I am always with you, when we are in my playroom. Here is my playroom I have done so many things to your mind & body. Things that you like to recall, things that I have done to your body & mind. Things that I have done that you remember… over time… different times of the days. Sometimes when you’re out cold; sometimes when you’re eating. Sometimes when you’re at work & you least expect it. You remember what I’ve done to make you feel so. You open your mind even more to me, to submitting to me. You love how I bring you to the edge. You love how I bring you to the edge with pain & with pleasure. You love how I bring you to the edge with electricity, or with a feather. Pain or pleasure. Pleasure or pain. It matters not; it’s all the same. Pain & pleasure. Pleasure or pain. Either way, my name rings out deep out in your subconscious mind. You want to feel my presence all the time. Here, perfection stands before you & you feel yourself going deeper than ever before and now you know. You have always known in your heart or hearts that Lady Fyre is the only one. Just one look. One glimpse. One word from my mouth & you are done. You are finished. You are mine

forever mine
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 service my stud pt 2 penis envy
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service my stud pt 2 penis envy
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service my stud
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jamiett contaminated
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I love all my viruses and naughty programs, all my stuff is infected. My laptop and pc, my vms and all my usb drives are contaminated with my naughty files. I know what they all do tho and how they spread and you don’t. I could contaminate you, I could contaminate all the people around you and spread my viruses to your nearest and dearest thru your files, your networks, your sms/text messages and so on. My worms, my rats, my viruses and trojans all have the capabilities to spread like a real virus does but I just choose not too. Just imagine if I did choose to spread one day, how would you explain infecting everyone around you?

jamiett contaminated
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HUMILIATION Mesmerized by My Shiny Clothing
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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #228 on: December 14, 2019, 04:07:03 PM »
Jennifer Keellings "Bad Boyfriend"
You've walked in on Jennifer testing out her new toy by masturbating with it! She's your girlfriend's housemate but this doesn't stop you getting a hard-on over Jennifer masturbating. Jennifer loves that you're turned on by her, and now she is turned on by it. Jennifer wants you to get your COCK out and WANK it over her as she plays with her wand. Her pussy is so juicy from you watching her. What a bad boyfriend you are.

JOI Jennifer Keellings Bad Boyfriend
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Rose R "Naughty Tease"
You've gone to see Rose as you want to be teased. Rose will make you rock hard and wanting more. She will tease you slowly, building you up ready to explode. Get your COCK out and JERK it as Rose plays with her dildo! She loves teasing you and it really gets her pussy wet!

JOI Rose R Naughty Tease
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Tommy Hill "Quote Me Happy"
You've gone to visit Tommy for a quote to see how much it will be to fix things in her home. She thinks your quote is a little steep and will do anything to get some money off. She notices you have a bit of a boner looking at her and she wants to take advantage of this. You can wank over her and see her tight body naked IF you give her money off. Deal?

JOI Tommy Hill Quote Me Happy
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codi vore peeping tom joi
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You’re spying on Codi Vore, Tegan Trex, and Miss Nina Grimes while they get dressed for a party, when they notice you and tell you to come inside. They tease you but they seem to like you, and they want to see you jack off! They ask you to stroke your cock for them while they show you their beautiful tits and kiss each other. Finally, they give you a countdown to cum for them as they imagine you exploding all over their breasts

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I’m your young, long-distance girlfriend on skype. I called to let you know that I’m finally ready to get physical with you… And I want to be prepared. I cautiously ask to see your cock… I’m nervous but excited. I want to help you get hard by finally revealing my big round tits, and when I see your hard, throbbing cock, I can’t help myself but watch as you stroke. I oil up my tits and beg for your cock while you imagine it sliding in between my boobs and in my tight little pussy. Mmmm… I can’t wait to do it in real life!!(I took inspiration from when I was in high school for this one!)THIS VIDEO IS BEING RETIRED SOON. Download all 20 retiring videos for only a $50 contest vote for Bush OTY!

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I really need this raise… and I deserve it, too! I know you’ve had your eyes on me, so maybe a look at my big, naked titties will convince you… No? Well maybe you can cum on them too… but make it quick, people could see us!THIS VIDEO IS BEING RETIRED SOON. Download all 20 retiring videos for only a $50 contest vote for Bush OTY!

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I heard your cum has… special properties. If I rub it into my tits, it will make them even bigger! My tits are already pretty big, but I want them to be even bigger, and so I beg for you to cum all over them. I ask you to imagine your cock between my tits, helping them grow larger, treating me like a slut,them in your cum… I finally give you a cum countdown to help you spray your load all over my breasts. As I rub your cum into my tits, I feel them absorbing and expanding! Finally, I try on the bra I wore earlier to see how much bigger they’ve gotten… I will definitely want more favors like this in the future

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codi vore breast obsession therapy session joi
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Goddess Bella Park

You just couldn’t resist buying this clip, could you? When you see a hot girl on your screen you just have to buy it. Your cock just gets so hard, doesn’t it? Yes, you just love jerking it to mean girls. Girls that don’t know who you are. Girls that don’t give a fuck about you. Yet you still jerk it to them. You can’t stop jerking to hot young brats who just fuck your mind up with their bodies. You just get so stupid, don’t you? You’re so pathetic.

As soon as you take your cock in your hand, your mind just empties out, you get so dumb. Once you start stroking you turn into a complete fucking idiot. I’ll bet your cock is in your hand right now, just stroking yourself without any other thought in your mind. You can’t think once you start stroking. You can’t even take your eyes off of the screen, can you? Just jerking it like you’re programmed to do. You can’t think, you’re too stupid to think once you start stroking.

Just keep jerking it idiot and do what you do best, get completely fucking dumb. All you need is a hot brat on your screen to help you jerk that dick, isn’t that right? You need these videos to get off, I mean when is the last time you got off without one? Go on idiot, stroke it some more. Stroke that dumb cock, get stupid for bratty girls. You need a hot girl on your screen telling you how to jerk that useless thing.

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Keep jerking it idiot. I know you can’t stop. Binge and and jerk and go broke the brats who control your mind. Stroke it until there’s nothing left in your brain. You’re going to jerk yourself stupid, aren’t you? Good boy. It feels so fucking good, you can’t stop even though you know you’re fucking up your life. Nothing feels better than going braind3@d.

You have nothing else in your life except for this addiction. Don’t stop idiot, keep jerking out those brain cells while you spend your entire paycheck. I want you to go braind3@d and broke. Braind3@d and broke. Say it. LOL! And you’re not going to cum are you? No you don’t want to cum, then it all ends. You’re just going to buy more clips, aren’t you? Of course you are, you know your pattern. I know your pattern. It’s the same for all of you. Spend more, jerk more, go completely dumb and broke, idiot.

HUMILIATION Buy Another Clip Idiot Jerk Your Braincells Out While You Go Broke
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You Will Need To Suck Cock For Me, Planting Seeds In Your Subconscious
This is a deep mesmerize trance by Miss Grace, a certified mesmerize domme. The feelings aroused in this file will be very intense and impossible to ignore. This file is not to be taken lightly. You have been warned. There are multiple audio tracks including binaural tones and a deep subliminal track designed specifically to implant thoughts into your subconscious mind.

So you want to be coereced to be bi? You want to be coerced to use your body to give sexual pleasure to another male. It’s what you want. It’s what you desire. So please get very comfortable, begin to relax your breathing as you focus on nothing but my voice. You will feel waves of relaxation, pulsing through your body, with each word that passes and each breath you take. Your muscles will relax, your mind will fade, and you will drift off deeper and deeper into relaxation….

Nothing except my voice…. Deep relaxed state… My voice will guide you. I command what you do. I control what you do because you want me to control what you do.

You want to give pleasure to another man just for me. Just for my voice. I am removing the choice from your hands. You no longer can think for yourself. You feel this compulsion in your brain to do this for me. Your free will is fading away, as you fade away deeper into trance. Listen to my words…

I will be there watching as you go down on another man. You are willing to do this for me. Feel the significance of your submission to my will, to his cock. You crave to do this for me. You want to suck his cock for me as I sit and watch. You have no control over this happening anymore.

You will want nothing more than to find men to carry out these sexual acts for me. You will be able to think of nothing else. Your mind will be consumed with the thought of going to websites, bars or wherever you must go to constantly fulfill this need to suck cock for me. It will grow and grow, and become all consuming. The more time that passes after you hear this recording, the more it will grow, like a seed I have planted deeply inside of your subconscious.

It will feel so sensual, so erotic. This thought will become a reality. You will want to come tell me of your experiences. I want to know you have given sexual pleasure to another man. And as you listen and fall deeper, you will now feel your ass becoming aroused as if it’s calling for a cock to use and abuse it. Notice how just the thought drives you wild.

I will begin to bring you out, and when I do, you will no longer have a choice but to fulfill these urges. It will be overpowering, consuming. This is what you wanted. Be warned….. you listened, now you will obey. Wide awake…

HUMILIATION You Will Need To Suck Cock For Me Planting Seeds In Your Subconscious
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fyre legs
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HUMILIATION penelope peach cheating girlfriend cuckold custom
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HUMILIATION Pink Pointy Stilettos Dangling and High Heel Humping Instruction
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HUMILIATION Slurp it All for My Tease
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HUMILIATION Taste your Precum for Me
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HUMILIATION The Black Mini Dress Seduction
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HUMILIATION You will Never Quit Masturbating
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virgin boy challenge
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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #229 on: December 23, 2019, 01:10:55 AM »

Cherry English "What Would Mum Say?
You walk into your bedroom to see your stepdaughter, Cherry, masturbating on your bed! Cherry doesn't seem too shocked to see you. She is glad you've spotted her playing with her juicy pussy as she loves masturbating over you. She wants to have some fun with you so get your COCK out and JERK it over Cherry as she rubs her juicy pussy with her favourite dildo.

Cherry English What Would Mum Say
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Jess West "Give Me Better Grades Pt:2"
After your last encounter with your student, you gave Jess a B. She thinks she deserves a better grade than that! What has she got to do this time to make it into an A*? Get your COCK out and Jess will let you fuck her doggy style for a better grade and to top it off she will let you shoot your load all over her!

Jess West Give Me Better Grades Pt2
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Bonnie "Dirty Housemate"
Bonnie is just getting changed in the bathroom and you, being the pervy housemate you are, decides to perve on her as she is getting changed. You see her in the complete nude! She notices you and can't believe that you've been a dirty pervert! You're so horny that you don't even care. She will let you WANK over her if you pay her next 2 months rent. That's a fair deal, right?

Bonnie Dirty Housemate
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Jess Harrington "Stepdad Exhibitionist"
You've just got home and your stepdaughter, Jess, is waiting to talk to you about something. She's been on your computer and has seen all the perverse stuff you've been looking at. You've even been looking for escorts! Jess wants to see what you've got in your pants and to see what the hype is all about. Get your COCK out for Jess and start wanking it for her as she plays with her juicy pussy for you. Don't worry, your secret is safe with Jess!

Jess Harrington Stepdad Exhibitionist
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Stephanie Bonham Carter "Masturbation Healing"
Nurse Stephanie is here to see you. You haven't been feeling too well and Stephanie wants to make sure you're getting the best treatment possible. She has done some research and apparently wanking helps heal quicker. On Nurse Stephanie's orders, get your COCK out and JERK it over her. She will strip out of her nurse uniform for you, showing her pert tits and tight body!

Stephanie Bonham Carter Masturbation Healing
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Kiki Minaj "VR Spy"
You let your step-sister, Kiki, play with your VR headset. You can't help but get a hard-on over Kiki as she is moving around. Kiki notices you can't stop staring at her and can see you've got a bulge in your pants. She knows that she is making you feel horny and now she wants to help your horniness out. Kiki will suck and fuck you until you explode!

Kiki Minaj VR Spy
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Ivy "Bath Perv"
Ivy is taking a bath and you take the opportunity to have a perve on her whilst she is fully naked! She wants you to leave but you're insistent on seeing her naked. You see that she has got a dildo ready to be used. Ivy lets you watch her as she plays with it as long as you get your cock out and play!

Ivy Bath Perv
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Luci Reign "Stepson Shower Perv"
Your step mum, Luci, is having a shower and you think it's a great opportunity to perve on your hot step mum. She notices you perving on you and is really shocked at what you're doing. You don't care too much as you're too horny from looking at your step mum. You've seen Luci naked, and she wants to see you naked. She can see you've got a massive bulge, even bigger than your dads! Jerk your cock over Luci whilst she rubs her soaking shaved pussy!

Luci Reign Stepson Shower Perv
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Louise Lee "I Like Older Women"
You've been sent home early from college for perving on teachers who are almost twice your age and you're waiting at your neighbour's house until your parents are home. You can't help but get horny over Louise as she's in the kitchen. She notices your bulge in your pants and wants to put it to some good use. Get your COCK out and JERK it over Louise as she lifts up her dress and plays with her juicy pussy for you. She wants you to explode your load for her. Be quick, your parents will there any time now!

Louise Lee I Like Older Women
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Jess West "Give Me Better Grades Pt:1"
It's a weekend and you've been visited by one of your students, Jess West. She's got a problem that she wants sorting. In one of her exams, you've given her a bad grade and she wants it changed. She is willing to do anything to get it changed. Get your COCK out and let Jess give you an amazing blowjob and then explode your load all over her. Surely that will change your mind?

Jess West Give Me Better Grades Pt1
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Re: humiliation & joi
« Reply #230 on: December 23, 2019, 01:11:38 AM »

blissful hyp n0 t c subconscious mind trance for obedient puppets
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eat it without thought or hesitation mindless obedience effects
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Useless Little Dick Cuck Fag
Princess Ellie
Take out your cock and let me see it. You know that I like it big, don’t you? I love to have my pussy stuffed and I want you to do that for me. I have this very average toy here, but I crave something more than six inches. And are you going to give it to me? Are you going to be the one to fill my pussy up?

Wait is that all you have? You’re not even average. This average six inch dildo is bigger than what’s dangling between your legs. And because of that I’m certainly not going to fuck you. A penis that size is useless to me. Maybe if it was long enough you could fuck me in the ass, but even that isn’t going to work. Your dick is too short. This six inch dildo is your minimum expectation. I won’t accept anything less. So it looks like you won’t be fucking me. No you won’t. I would rather have sex with a toy than have sex with, that.

But I will let you stroke to my body because this is the last time you’re ever going to get to see it. You’ll never know what it’s like to have your cock between these great big tits. Men like you were made to be cucked, not fucked. In fact, maybe you should do that cock sucking. Maybe you should give up on women completely because honestly, there’s no way that your cock will satisfy anyone.

Keep stroking, I like to see you beat that little dick, LOL! Good boy. I would make you suck the biggest fucking dick and you would do it willing. I know you have penis envy, I know you wish you could at least be average because then maybe you’d get laid. But instead you’re just stuck jerking off. I’ll bet you watch a lot of porn, don’t you?

You’re always the viewer, never the participant, aren’t you? But you want to be so bad. Well maybe you can be Ellie’s little cock sucker instead. Because if you can’t offer your cock for pleasure, maybe you can offer your little face hole so that some big hung stud can come fuck it. Maybe you’ll be the fluffer for me. So he can stick his huge cock into my tight pussy. And then you can watch and you can jerk because you will not fuck. Ever.

You’ll just be a little cocksucker for me. And you know that’s such an honor. You’d give anything to be near me, to see me fuck, even if it’s not you. And the only way that you can do that is by watching my videos, or being my little cuck fluffer. Watch me ride a nice big dick while you jerk your little penis. I want you to cum for me and this big cock because we both know where your future is headed. You’re gonna be my tiny dick cock sucker, aren’t you? You’re gonna suck the biggest cocks and you’re going to with that you were them. But you’ll never be. So cum, get off to your new fate, get off as you think about my pussy being pounded by huge cocks while you just fap in the corner waiting for his load, right in your mouth. Cum my little bi bitch, cum out of that tiny little cock.

Useless Little Dick Cuck Fag
 mp4 - 661 MB - 8 min 59 s - 1280x720

As You Go Shopping For Your First Cock On Grindr
Goddess Allexandra
Hey you closet fag, I want you to take a look at what I’ve put on the screen. Look at that big fucking cock. Don’t try to ignore it, don’t try to lie to me, I know that you’re already watching these dicks in porn. But don’t worry, for now your dirty little secret is safe with me. But I want you to admit what you actually want to do to these cocks. You spend hours, even days staring at them, is that all you’re going to do?

At first it started like a tiny little seed, planting itself in your brain, and now you find yourself waking up thinking about cocks. Your mind is wandering, you can’t escape cocks. Cocks on your brain. And it’s one thing to just look at them, but it’s not enough for you. These cocks are haunting you, you can’t escape them. How are you going to stop thinking about them so much? The only way to get them off your brain is by actually sucking them. Otherwise these thoughts are never going away, they’re only going to continue torturing you.

So I want you to go suck some cock for me. And if you do it for me, then it will feel a little bit less gay. If a hot brat like me tells you to, then you have to do it. So I want you to download an app called Grindr and start looking. And I know just the thought of this is getting you hard. You’re going to go shopping for cock. You get to pick the exact cock you’re going to suck. And I know that makes your gay dick hard. So I want you to stroke it as you browse the cocks.

Jerk it as you think about sucking on those cocks. You’re getting so horny I can tell. You can’t wait to submit to cock. It’s been too long just thinking about it, now you’re going to finally do it. You’re going to get down on your hands and knees and open up your slutty little mouth and suck on his cock. And you’re going to feel like a total fucking faggot while you do it because that’s what you fucking are. Why spend your life running from the truth when you know you’re a little fucking faggot? You’re going to gag on his cock and you’re going to love it.

No longer will you just be watching gay porn, now you’re actually going to do it. And your cock will be so hard the entire time. You’re going to love it because it’s what you need, it’s what you want. Sucking cock will become what your life is about. Your first cock sucking experience will be just that, your first time, not your last. All because a hot brat on the internet told you to. You’re going to be on Grindr every night, it’s going to become a full blown obsession. You’re going to be shopping for your next cock as soon as you finish your first. You’re going to become a cock whore because you’re going to love the feel of superior dick down your throat. And he’s going to blow his load so deep down your throat that you’re going to have to swallow his load. And when he cums in your mouth it’s going to make your own cock cum like it never has and from that moment, you’re going to be addicted to it. You’re going to crave superior alpha loads, aren’t you faggot? There’s no escaping this.

As You Go Shopping For Your First Cock On Grindr
 mp4 - 743 MB - 10 min 1 s - 1280x720

Denying You While I Break Your Brain With My Hot Young Body
Bratty Lindsay
I know how much you love to be teased and denied. You want to cum but also you don’t want to cum. You just love the feeling of being on the edge of that intense orgasm. Why don’t I take you there? I’ll take you there, to the edge, but you’ll never hit it. I know how much you love the denial. Because you know you don’t deserve to cum, you just deserve to be teased and denied. And you love being teased by my hot young bratty body and voice while you stroke your cock.

So stroke your dick for my perfect body. Stroke it just for me. I know how infatuated you are with me. You’ll do anything I say just as long as I’m teasing you with my perfect ass. You get so stupid. You love being teased and edged, knowing the whole time that I’m going to deny you. Keep stroking it to my perfect ass. It feels so good to stroke that cock to my perfect, tight young body.

Keep edging loser. Stroke that cock. I want you to stare in my eyes and stroke that cock so you can feel me. Feel it getting harder in your hand. Now I want you to stop stroking, let it throb in the air as I continue to tease you with my hot body. Feel it pulsating. It wants to be touched so badly. It’s begging you to touch it, isn’t it? You love this feeling, don’t you? Keep staring, keep twitching. Now jerk it again. Good boy. You’re such a good boy for me, aren’t you? You obey my every command because you know it’s right. You will always stroke your cock to me, no matter how much you try to fight it, you can’t stop. You just can’t resist my hot young body.

I know you can’t resist this ass. I know it makes you so horny. Now stop stroking again. I want you to focus on how hard your cock is throbbing right now. I want you to truly feel what I do to you. You want to touch it but you know you have to obey me. Resist the urge to stroke to my ass. I know how badly you want it. I know you want to cum but the denial just feels so good. Now stroke it again.

There will be no cumming for you because that just brings you pleasure, what does that do for me? Nothing. Your denial, that’s what turns me on. I want to deny you. You don’t deserve to feel the pleasure of an orgasm, do you understand? Just keep stroking and worshiping my body. It just feels so good to stroke and stroke and stroke. You can stroke all you want but you’re not going to cum. No matter how badly you want to, I’m going to keep denying you over and over again. It makes you feel so weak. It breaks your weak fucking brain. It’s what pathetic losers like you deserve. You don’t need to cum, you want to cum and I am not going to give you that privilege. And now I want you to stop. Good boy. Now if you want to touch it again, watch this clip again from the beginning.

Denying You While I Break Your Brain With My Hot Young Body
 mp4 - 976 MB - 13 min 14 s - 1280x720

Porn Broke Your Cock You Cant Deprogram Yourself
Princess Kaelin
Just how long have you had this addiction? Being horny and stupid and gooning over and over, spending your nights and weekends stuck in front of your computer screen stroking and stroking and stroking. Can you even remember when it started? Do you even remember the last time your cock responded normally to vanilla porn or the thought of getting pussy? Can you even remember your cock got hard to anything besides porn? I’ll bet you can’t. I’ll bet it’s been so long and it’s such a blur, how did you get here?

It probably started innocently enough and now you’re broken. Your cock is broken, you can only cum to porn. You fucked that little head of your so bad that there’s nothing left for you except porn. And now you need porn. You can’t get enough porn. Your brain has been completely fried. Your cock can’t get hard any other way. You’re fucking addicted and broken. You have a problem, and it’s pathetic. And while it’s good for me and all the other brats, well your cock, it’s suffered some consequences hasn’t it?

You can’t get hard for real girls any more. You never thought that watching some femdom porn would lead to this, and now your cock is broken. You couldn’t get hard for pussy if you tried. Pussy doesn’t excite you. Porn does, and not just porn but me reminding you just how pathetic you are for fucking up your life with this little addiction. You can’t get hard for a girl that’s into you, your brain has been rewired, broken down after years and years of being mindfucked by girls who despise you. You really are an idiot. You thought you were just playing around and getting off but then it hit you, it became a reality, and then you broke your cock. You broke your fucking brain. We broke it.

We told you the truth and drilled it in over and over again. We broke you. And we don’t care, we wanted to break you. You just simply walked into our trap. Do you regret it? Maybe on the surface, but deep down inside that subconscious mind, you like it. You wanted to go as deep as you could to really fuck yourself up. You ate up every word we spewed to craft who you’ve become. A pathetic addicted porn addict who can’t get hard to anything but porn. You’re addicted to porn and there’s no way out. You can’t deprogram yourself, that’s not how it works. You can’t just delete it like a file on your computer. You are trapped here.

And deep down you know this is where you belong, on your knees in front of your computer screen soaking in every word as you stroke your cock. And I know you’re stroking. I didn’t even have to tell you to. You’ve been programmed to do it the minute porn comes on your screen. And I know you’ve been staring at the porn in the corner from the moment this video began. I know what goes on inside your brain. This is real. You’re broken. And this is what you wanted. I want you to say, ‘I got what I wanted, I’m a porn addict.’ You are a porn addict. Say, ‘My cock is broken it only works for porn.’ Goon for porn idiot. Melt your mind a little further loser. The repetition of jerking to porn really has fucked up your brain and your cock forever. There’s no recovering from this. It’s too late now. You are trapped. You are gonna jerk to porn for the rest of your life. You are a porn addict, your cock is broken.

Porn Broke Your Cock You Cant Deprogram Yourself
 mp4 - 775 MB - 10 min 30 s - 1280x720

Your Little Cuck Dick Belongs In Your Hand Jerking Off Alone Loser
Goddess Lindsey
I got dressed up in this hot outfit to film this clip and then my man came home and saw me and then I took a break and we made a sex video of me sucking his cock right here. And now I’m just so distracted, I can’t even remember what I was going to say. All I can think about is his huge cock, it’s distracting me from taking all of the loser’s money. Your little dick is so pathetic, what could that ever do to satisfy me? It could never compare to my man’s cock. We have such amazing sex, his cock makes my pussy so wet.

But you’ll never get to experience that, no, instead you’ll just sit here and you’ll jerk off to hot how I look and all the details of what you’ll never get to have. I’m so horny from someone that’s not you. You could never be him. I’ll never be horny for you, some pathetic addicted loser who just fucks around with his pathetic dick all day. All you get is this little half assed distracted clip because I’m thinking about all the dirty things I’m going to do with my man after I’m done filming this clip. He gets to fuck me every way you wish you could fuck me. And you get nothing. A little dick loser like you just gets to grovel for all the details I share. And there’s so much more you’ll never know.

You just sit there and jerk your little cuck cock thinking about my man’s huge cock and all the amazing things it does to me. Meanwhile you sit at home alone and pathetic and denied as usual. And as I degrade you all I can think about is how my man’s huge cock was just in my mouth. Your dick is too small, it never gets sucked. Your dick belongs where it is right now, in your hand. You’ll never fuck a woman like me. Every time you close your eyes you just picture me getting fucked by a bigger stronger alpha male and you just jerk your dick to it like you always do.

You’ll always be a desperate little cuck. You don’t even wish you had a bigger cock, you’ve accepted your place as a cuck and you love it. It makes you cum so hard. You don’t get to fuck, all you get are the details. I don’t even let you watch lol. He gets to enjoy my yummy ass whenever he wants. And what do you get? You get to beg for the opportunity to stroke down on your knees to my perfect ass that you’ll never fucking have. Stroke, stroke, stroke to what you don’t deserve. Little beta cucks like you will never deserve my ass.

An ass like this is for a real man. I use it just to deny you over and over. To just toy with you and make you so horny for my ass, and make you more desperate for more details of my amazing sex life. You just want so badly to be included. You want so badly to watch him fuck me. But too bad for you loser. It’s never gonna happen, you don’t even deserve that, do you cuck? A cuck like you deserves to live a life of denial. I don’t care how much you beg, denial is all that you deserve. Meanwhile, my man gets to cum all he wants. He gets everything you don’t deserve. I love leaving you helpless and horny and desperate to worship, desperate for more details.

Your Little Cuck Dick Belongs In Your Hand Jerking Off Alone Loser
 mp4 - 734 MB - 9 min 56 s - 1280x720

brattyalexia step sister ultimate blackmail
Your step sister caught you jerking off and took a video of it! Now she wants you to stay and look at her when she’s playing with herself. And if you don’t obey, everybody will find out your dirty secret: your parents, your teachers, all your friends… So you don’t want everyone to see you naked, right? You don’t want everyone laughing at your small cock, no? Stay there and watch her, you might as well enjoy it!

brattyalexia step sister ultimate blackmail
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brattyalexia a real sph
Getting ready for a date with a guy who has a real dick , and i allowed you to stay with me till i m ready. So we’re talking about what girls think and Say to YOU when you show them your little dick . Your dick doesn’t deserve anything else than laugh of it.

brattyalexia a real sph
 mp4 - 542 MB - 9 min 45 s - 1920x1080

brattyalexia alexia deserves it all
We both know that I deserve everything though, so wanting every extravagance and luxury the world has to offer isn’t out of line. I demand you to pay for everything. I’m the Princess and what I say goes. I shouldn’t have to lift a finger for anything. That means you get to work and get me all I want.

brattyalexia alexia deserves it all
 mp4 - 552 MB - 9 min 53 s - 1920x1080


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Re: humiliation & joi
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Ashley Lane "Special Little Elf"
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ashley has got the turkey in the oven and has a special treat for you whilst you're waiting. As you know she is going back to the States for a couple of weeks and wants to give you the biggest Christmas gift! Ashley is dressed as a naughty little Elf and she wants to suck your cock and be fucked by you, shooting all your load all over her! This is the best Christmas present ever, right?

Ashley Lane Special Little Elf
 mp4 - 1.60 GB - 14 min 7 s - 3840x2160

codi vore office slut joi
 mp4 - 402 MB - 11 min 11 s - 1440x1080

Roxi Keogh "Teaching My Brothers Friend How To Wank"
You’ve been spotted having a wank by your best friend’s sister! As shocked as she is, she thinks you aren’t wanking properly and wants to give you some tips on how to improve! You’re even luckier than you think as she sucks your cock whilst playing with her juicy pussy! Be quick though, you don’t want your best friend to come downstairs and find you both!

Roxi Keogh Teaching My Brothers Friend How To Wank
 mp4 - 1.69 GB - 14 min 57 s - 3840x2160

Kylie Nymphette “Exam Encouragement:Pt2”
Kylie has come to give you the exam answers back... And collect her panties! She can't wait to brag about the A* she's going to get! You can't stop thinking about last night and how fucking sexy it was... And neither can Kylie! You instantly get hard when she walked into the room and Kylie heard it! She grabs hold of you hard COCK and starts WANKING it for you...

Kylie Nymphette Exam Encouragement Pt2
 mp4 - 1.05 GB - 9 min 16 s - 3840x2160

Amber Jayne "Do We Have A Sale?"
Amber is an estate agent and she is showing you around a property. You know about its lucrative sexual past, as it used to be a place for swingers and other like-minded sexual deviants! Because of this, you aren't sure if you want to take the place. Can Amber convince you? Amber really needs the sale and will do anything to get it. Get your COCK out and WANK it over Amber as she strips out of her clothes and plays with her juicy pussy, reenacting some of the dirty events that went on!

Amber Jayne Do We Have A Sale
 mp4 - 1.50 GB - 13 min 17 s - 3840x2160

Roxi Keogh "Sexercise"
You're Roxi's personal trainer and you have turned up to her house for her session. Roxi is feeling lazy today and doesn't want to train. She doesn't want to do any exercise but she would like to have some 'sexercise' as she is super horny. Get your COCK out for Roxi as she gives you a blowjob and then lets you fuck her!

Roxi Keogh Sexercise
 mp4 - 1.89 GB - 16 min 41 s - 3840x2160

sexiest joi
You’re going to cum for me while you worship my tits . I’m going to give you the sexiest JOI to make you cum really fast. Enjoy!

brattyalexia sexiest joi
 mp4 - 543 MB - 9 min 47 s - 1920x1080

brattyalexia you do need an instructions manual lame
I caught you staring at my ass .. so as the good girl that I am , I’m gonna help you jerking off with some JOI, cause i’m sure a loser like you needs instructions

brattyalexia you do need an instructions manual lame
 mp4 - 1.30 GB - 10 min 48 s - 1920x1080

brattyalexia stroke your little cock for me
Sit down and store that small cock for me ! You know that I’m the best you will ever get . Jerk it off until you’re going to cum , but please make your best shot for me !

brattyalexia stroke your little cock for me
 mp4 - 847 MB - 7 min 45 s - 1920x1080

macy cartel armpits to jerk for
I see you following me around in the gym. I know you’re watching me, it’s ok I don’t mind because I know you’re not staring at my ass. Oh no, you’re just watching and waiting to see me do my pull ups, or stretch my arms way over my head aren’t you? I see your cock getting all hard every time you get a good look and my freshly shaved armpits. Don’t they look nice and soft? The kind of armpits that you could just lick and slide your hard cock in and out of. Go ahead pull that hard cock out and stroke it for my sexy armpits, stroke it really nice and hard until you blow you big warm load all over my armpits!

macy cartel armpits to jerk for
 mp4 - 544 MB - 9 min 25 s - 1920x1080

Ruining Date Night With Your Wife With My Feet
Goddess Mina Thorne
Hello foot bitch. Is it date night? Are you and your wife going to have a nice, romantic evening that’s going to end with you being able to fuck her lol? Is that why you’re here? Do you need to get horny before the big evening? Awww that’s cute that you think you’re going to come here and stare at my feet, the feet that you are so addicted to, and hold off from cumming so you can go and have sex with your wife? LOL well we know that’s not going to happen. My feet simply have too much of an effect on you. Once you start stroking to my feet, you’re not going to be able to stop. We both know it. You can’t resist cumming to my perfect feet.

Go on jerk that dick, up and down, getting harder and harder by the second because that’s what my feet do to you. I know you’re so weak for my feet. As soon as you start stroking to them you get mindless and stupid. You lose all reason. And you don’t need it, not when you’re here with me. I just want you to stop thinking and jerk that dick. I want you on the edge. I know once I start counting you down, you’re going to explode. I’m going to ruin that date night. You’re not going to have sex tonight because you’d rather jerk to my feet.

You know I’m not wrong. A little foot addict like you can’t resist. Jerking to my feet is so much more satisfying for you than having sex. My feet are your sex life. You’d rather spend hours edging to my feet than fucking your wife. They’re so perfect, aren’t they? You’re addicted to these feet and my little foot addict isn’t getting laid tonight because it feels so much better to rub one out to my perfect feet.

My feet are inside your head, I’ve got such control over you. Now that you’re jerking you’re not going to be able to think rationally. You’re going to give in to your impulses and you want to cum to these feet. In fact I think I’m doing your wife a favor by making you cum to my feet instead of fucking you this evening. I’m sure you suck in bed because all you care about are feet. She’s probably so bored when she’s fucking you. I get to take your money and the satisfaction of knowing I ruined sex for you while I get you more addicted to my feet. That way your wife doesn’t have to deal with fucking you and you get to indulge in your addiction to my feet.

It works out better for everyone involved if you just stop thinking you’re going to have sex tonight and realize you’re simply too far gone. You’re a foot addict. This is what you need. Not sex. You secretly don’t want it or otherwise you wouldn’t have come here, isn’t that right? You never stood a chance but I don’t feel bad for you. You love jerking to them and giving in to your little foot fetish. Does your wife know you’d rather jerk to my feet every night than to have sex with her? If not you should tell her so she can thank me for saving her from you. Then she can finally go get a real man to fuck and not some fucking up foot freak. She can fuck a real man while you sit at home with my feet in your face jerking your life away.

Now let me prove to you that you have no choice but to cum to my feet. I’m going to count you down and when I get to one you’re going to explode and ruin date night. You’re not going to be able to stop stroking. Cum for my feet idiot, you know this feels better than sex. Now you can go on your date but you won’t be able to have sex. And then I know you’ll be back tomorrow for your next little jerkoff session to my feet.

Ruining Date Night With Your Wife With My Feet
 mp4 - 702 MB - 9 min 30 s - 1280x720

brattyalexia blackmail fantasy
With all your documents , with all those pics with you , with all your friends mail adresss! What will you choose ? 10 mins left to decide what will you do! SERVE ME OR DESTROY YOUR LIFE ! This is your last chace to happines ! and lol, u can t live without me !

brattyalexia blackmail fantasy
 mp4 - 1.15 GB - 11 min 1 s - 1920x1080

brattyalexia bratty sch–lgirl back from college
U know what time is it ? It’s time to spoil this schoolgirl, LOSER! Pay for every second you watch me and for EVERY gift I want. AND U KNOW I LIKE ONLY EXPENSIVE GIFTS . Time for a big spoil. NOW!

brattyalexia bratty sch--lgirl back from college
 mp4 - 569 MB - 10 min 14 s - 1920x1080

brattyalexia come out of the closet you are so gay
ADMIT YOU’RE GAY! I want you to listen close to those questions and answer to me. Stop pretending you’re not a faggot!

brattyalexia come out of the closet you are so gay
 mp4 - 1.04 GB - 8 min 41 s - 1920x1080

brattyalexia interrogation amp human ashtray
I suspect that you have been sexually ab*sing a friend of mine so I have taken you prisoner. I have you naked and bound and I am interrogating you. I smoke a cigarette and I blow all the smoke in your face and make you eat all the ash. I try to make you admit that you’ve done it by burning your nipples and cock and balls. When you admit it I finish my cigarette and put it out on you and make you eat the butt. I then light another one and tell you that the first I smoked was only the beginning.

brattyalexia interrogation amp human ashtray
 mp4 - 540 MB - 9 min 38 s - 1920x1080

brattyalexia losers don t deserve orgasms
You always want what you can’t have. Your jerk off your cock when I tease you in my red pants. You want me desperately ….. but you know you’ll never get the chance. Losers like you don’t deserve pussy…you don’t even deserve to have an orgasm.

brattyalexia losers don t deserve orgasms
 mp4 - 792 MB - 6 min 27 s - 1920x1080

brattyalexia pay me to ignore you
Smoking a cigarette while I m ignoring you . You should learn to treat me better next time.

brattyalexia pay me to ignore you
 mp4 - 277 MB - 5 min 1 s - 1920x1080

brattyalexia prove me that you re worthy
Prove me that you are brave enough to see me. Prove me you deserve to spend my time with you . You know how much I hate time wasters! Prove me how brave are you to see me, or you will never again see any piece of me

brattyalexia prove me that you re worthy
 mp4 - 639 MB - 10 min 24 s - 1920x1080

brattyalexia hot teacher joi amp sph
(10min) I am a sexy teacher (wear the glasses all the time) and teach you some usual words in romanian,and teach you how to count to 10 then some naughty words like blowjob,anal, pussy,cock, tits point out to my body parts as I start undressing,tits face eyes feet mouth teaching you more words,then you’ve been a good student and want to reward you but…
(5min) Then I am all naked wearing only the glasses and detail rate your small cock pics on mu pc !
(15min) After that while still watching the pics start teasing you with my hot body,make fun of you.You will never get that,I am too good for you, make you feel like a loser,tell you , you have to stroke that tiny cock exactly how I want and give You JOI instructions,slower faster masturbate with a dildo,and before compare to your small cock pics saying how its never enough laughing,driving you crazy , and I finally let you cum for me and during this whole JOI talk, after I say it in english, translate it in romanian .

brattyalexia hot teacher joi amp sph
 mp4 - 2.23 GB - 31 min 28 s - 1280x720

brattyalexia you re nothing but my worthless ashtray
Tapping ash in your month until you’ve eaten an entire cigarette , and this is addictive .want you to sit, while I smoke and ash all over you, ash on your body, your face and especially in your mouth. Keep your moth wide open , and let me put hot ash in it.

brattyalexia you re nothing but my worthless ashtray
 mp4 - 413 MB - 7 min 26 s - 1920x1080