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My story (THE EXPERT) - 1st part
« on: December 25, 2008, 08:39:26 AM »
Let my story be the first:

by Mr. Libido

Note: This is a true BDSM story though it is not suitable for vanillas. Some segments are modified because of literary reasons. Having Hitchcock’s words in mind (“The Film is reality with all boring moments excluded”) I tried to skip all dull parts of her drill. Since I am a film director, I intend to write screenplay based on this event and make a movie when find appropriate producer - so this is copyrighted material. English is not my native language. You’ll find some strange syntax here and there. If you are single female sub and find my way of dealing with slaves as something you need, feel free to contact. My mail is

Enjoy the story
Mr. Libido


Part One – Preparations

   From time to time, I help BDSM couples to improve their relationship. I do this pro bono (free) because I like helping people and I like submissive women. Therefore, I deal only with slaves of female sex, lesbian couples including. This summer I was surprised by the call from an old friend from primary/secondary school. We were very close these days but I did not see him for ages. He was always fascinated with my sadistic nature but I never considered him a sadist. He was timid and quiet, light boned, not muscular, wearing glasses since I know him. He never had a girlfriend in primary school and, as far I know, nor in secondary. Therefore, I was surprised when he told me that he is in a serious SM relationship for months now. He has an impression that his girlfriend is not satisfied and fears she would leave him. I told him not to call her “girlfriend” but slave and ask him to describe her. She is pale, redhead with deep blue eyes, not cute but not ugly at all. Tall, big boned, slender but very muscular (she’s an aerobic and body building instructor). Totally opposite to him. He made a pause then told me that she is 49. Eleven years older than us.

“Is it a problem, Dex?”
“Not at all, my friend!”

   Then I asked him about all things he did to her so far. The list was short: bondage, spanking, hot wax, nipple clamps, pins on buttocks, pubis and inner thighs and light “whipping” with a whip from a sex shop (one of those which make noise instead of pain). He had never used some serious tools like the bullwhip or the cane. Her previous experiences were irregular and similar to actual one and she often complained that contemporary men are not men enough. She was thinking about relationship with some domina but, since she’s a purebred hetero, this was just a hypothetical idea. She used to call herself Painslut without a Pain.
   Her favorite fantasy is to be a slave in Antic Rome. To be punished for petty infractions and to be tortured for amusement of her owners. Above all, she dreams about having no human rights at all and to be treated as worthless piece of flesh who howl and beg for mercy.
   I’ve told him that I can make her dreams come true. I did it many times before to women and girls of various ages and social status, but – if she decides to participate – it would not be a childish game. There would be a lot of pain, hard labor to the point of exhaustion, heavy humiliation to the point of total degradation, some light body modification and no permanent injuries. No safe words, no sympathy, no human rights. Just a pure, simple, modest, painful and hard to endure – life of the slave.
He called me back with her “yes to all” and invited me to meet them at his flat. I had better idea. He still owned an old and deserted ranch in mountains. This place would be better option for what I had in mind for her. Vintage tools and natural resources are excellent for SM purposes. It would be waste not to use them. Everything else I could transport by the van. He agreed and I scheduled our meeting for the next Saturday at 5 AM at his farm. She must be awakened at 4 AM and eat light meal. Stripped of all clothing, including footwear and jewelry, she must wait for me to arrive. I find appropriate for a slave to present herself stark naked to complete stranger. While I was approaching them, I had an odd impression that I am looking at a mad scientist who invented the time machine and meet an Amazon. Her shoulders are broad, almost twice wider than his, and her muscular arms and legs look very impressive too. Even barefooted, she stands almost 20 cm taller than her Master does. He greeted me and introduced me to her. She introduced herself constantly blushing because of her nakedness. Just like my friend, she is very shy. Good. I like timid slaves.
   I ordered her to kneel near the table while her Master and I sat to discuss about some of our mutual friends from the class. She was constantly shivering because in mountains early mornings are chilly even in July. Who knows, maybe it was some kind of fear mixed with anticipation?
Every time I turned my eyes on her, her pale face turned crimson. Mature woman of 49 who blushes as some pre-teen girl - this is very rare these days; also - very sexy to me. I find her face sexy. She reminded me to Nicole Kidman but with some constant expression of anger and suffering. Same pale complexion, same orange hair, same blue eyes… but taller and athletic. Picture Kidman with several inches more and after couple of years of intensive bodybuilding. The only distinctive feature are her huge tits. Opulent and dangling but not saggy. And also her feet. While Kidman wears 41, this woman wears at least 43-44 at her huge but lovely shaped feet (when wears). For the next two weeks, she would not wear any footwear at all.
   About one hour later, I’ve told her to serve us the meal and to prepare herself mentally. Her intensive training would start after she finishes washing the dishes. I explained them that her Master would assist me in some aspects of her training but his main task would be to look, listen and learn (and to ask questions). Her obligations would be not to ask any question and to learn from the pain. I will use numbers for poses that she would assume when ordered. Position One means: kneeling with hands clasped on the head, feet to feet and knees widened. Two: same but standing with feet in line with shoulders. Three: kneeling with the nose touching the ground and ass cheeks widened by her own fingers. Four: classic OTK position for spanking, paddling or belting. Five: on all four, like the animal. Six: same as one but with arms stretched, hand to hand, palms facing the sky, and knee to knee.
After we ate and she hand-washed the dishes and cutlery, I ordered her to assume Position One and to listen carefully. Here is what I said to her:    

   I gave you two weeks of my precious time, you worthless slave. Every single molecule of your slavish body must be aware about this fact. You should be grateful not only to me but also to your Master who asked me for a help. From this very moment, you would quit calling me by my name. You will call me Master. Same goes for my friend. We would call you slave and we would insult you a lot. You will be stark naked all the time no matter the weather. I provided some wrought iron shackles; these would be your only clothing. Sometimes you would wear punitive-bra, punitive-panties and punitive-sandals but that would be for rare occasions. You would prepare meals for us but you would not eat with us. For the next two days, you are prohibited to speak. You would nod for “yes” and shake a head for “no”. You are free to scream and howl as loud as you wish but I suggest you to use effort and be as much silent as you can because too loud slaves are always punished harder for the lack of self-control.
In second part of your training, you will be pierced and marked as a slave. I consider that every slave must wear piercings and slavemark. Your Master agreed. You’ll get your rings on nipples, clit and inner and outer cuntlips. You’ll be branded with red-hot iron showing the word SLAVE on pubic mound and with initials of your Master on balls of your big toes. You’ll sleep six hours a day in the first week and only four hours in another. All other time you’ll spend in intensive training. The fact that you are taller than your Master and me and that you developed muscles similar to mine would not give you any advantage. Your Master dominates you with his mind – not with his body. Furthermore, the fact that you are much older than us is irrelevant. Kindness and respect toward middle-aged women does not exist in sadomasochistic world. In outer world, you are an educated 49 old lady. Here, and in your future life with my friend, you are just an ordinary slave. Not middle-aged and certainly not a lady. He is your owner and you are less than a pet to him. Plants and animals posses more rights than you. I never torture animals and I am very careful toward plants. Torture is not a part of their existence. This is something reserved exclusively for slaves. Pain and humiliation are significant ingredients of their everyday life. The essence - to be precise.
   You will do blowjobs to me and your Master but you wouldn’t be fucked during your drill and you are prohibited to please yourself. Remember that you are here to suffer… not to enjoy. When you learn to squeeze out enjoyment from physical pain and degradation, you will be sure that you became a purebred Painslut. The only grace would be application of abundant amount of multi-protect sun cream of the highest factor, so called “shield from sunburn”, every few hours of your forced outdoor labor. Your skin is extremely white and we won’t risk your health - especially because you would be whipped very often during the work. Slaves must be in a good health to endure their duties and punishments. Therefore, their good shape is duty of their Masters. You are permitted to brush your teeth after every meal. All other hygiene is suspended for the next two weeks. You won’t bath, you won’t wash your feet, you won’t clip your nails, you won’t comb your hair, and you won’t wipe your asshole after you defecate. Your Master will do this to you with fresh nettles. We will shave your armpits, legs and pubis after the breakfast and it would be repeated every third day. First day of the second week, I’ll cut your hair and I’ll shave your head.
   You will be punished everyday in a different manner. The reason is twofold. Your Master must learn many ways to punish you because if Dom punishes his slave with just a few different punishments her body and mind would become callous to these. He must randomly change punishing routine to avoid this problem. On the second hand, you must feel different effects of various punishments on your body and mind. Your Master must comprehend how you react on some specific punishment and made mental note for future use. He must evaluate which punishments are mild for you, which are mediocre, which are hard, which are very hard and which are extremely hard or unbearable for you. Only then, he would be able to establish your personal punishing scale, which is different for every single slave. Some slaves find tithanging harder than stubbing needles under the nails while others have opposite impression. Some fears fire, some fears ice.
   In addition to forced labor, you’ll go through humility-training and pain-training. Training in humility would take place after every meal and would last about 20 to 30 minutes. Pain-training will be carried out in the evening. It would last for two hours in the first week and for four hours in another. You would feel afterward effects for a long time when you go to sleep. This extended sensation of pain is good for any slave. It is extended hand of her Master who vigil over her even when both of them are sleeping. It reminds her of her constant lower position to him and his power to cause her pain which lasts for hours after the application.
   Your training would be progressive. It means that the first day would be something like warming-up but every other day would be less pleasant than the previous. Now, come here and assume Position Four.

End of part one


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Re: My story (THE EXPERT) - 1st part
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End of part one


the second part is expected ?


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Re: My story (THE EXPERT) - 1st part
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Will we hear how it developed?