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Burgers, And Submission


It was a casual thing. Burgers and dogs on the grill, potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, that sort of thing. I had mentioned to folks that I would have a case or two of beer, but that they should otherwise bring their own beverages for the evening. Amusing, each person who came brought a whole case, and by the time dinner rolled around, my two cases had grown to twenty. I had to pull extra party buckets out of the hall closet.

It was when I was pulling another bucket out of that closet that you rang the bell. I looked at the clock; you had arrived precisely one hour after I told you things would be getting started. Interesting.

When I answered the door, I saw that you were wearing a sun dress. Convenient. You gave a little smile.

"Hi!" You gave a little wave. I invited you in. Pointing out the living room and dining room on the way, I escorted you into the kitchen in the back, and to the back door. Most folks were out in the back yard, around the fire pit; the recycling bin was full of bottles already.

I made introductions all around. I told you to pull up a chair, and to have a seat.

"No, I'm ok," you said.

"It wasn't a request," I whispered into your ear. You grinned, and grabbed one of the chairs by the back door.

We had an eclectic group of people over that evening. The engineers, the artists, the sports enthusiasts, the self-employed. The burgers were cooked medium, the tomatoes were fresh and ripe. As the sun went down, the level of bottles in the bin went up. There were arguments started, heated discussions. Politics, of course. Business. Sports rivalries. Electronics specifications. How the ceiling in the dining room should be painted.

Someone lit up a joint, and started passing it around. I wasn't in the mood, and went inside to load the dishwasher again. You had struck up a conversation with my wife about how you both have that one person in the offices where you work who absolutely, positively needs to go. I looked out the window at this, and I was amused.

The evening wore on, and bottles were piling up. I discovered that someone had opened my scotch. There was music playing, though I don't recall what it was. There were people outside, people inside, wandering around the house, sitting on the stairs, sitting in the living room, sitting on the kitchen floor. Two someones were giggling on the front porch. Through the smoke and the music and the haze of imported liquor, people moved from room to room, losing each other, then being delighted to find each other in the next room over.

I had gone upstairs, to my office, to fetch a specific book to lend to one of the engineers sitting outside. I found you sitting in my chair, behind my desk, paging through a book you had pulled from my shelves. You looked up when I entered the room.

"Not exactly the sort of party I was expecting when you invited me over," you said with a smile.

I paused. "What sort of party were you expecting? I told you that we were having a number of people over, and that this wasn't going to be just you and me. Or you and us."

"I know, I know. And I've been so good. Your friends seem interesting. And that west coast boy with the long hair is pretty hot."

"He is," I agreed. "But you're not his tonight."

You raised an eyebrow.

"You know the rules," I continued. "If you are to belong to me, it will be necessary for you to do as you are told - and to accept whatever punishment you are given for not doing so."

You hadn't been expecting such a pointed statement, such seriousness. You giggled, and then you stopped giggling.

I had moved from the door of the room to standing right next to you. I stood above you, looking down on you in my chair. You sat up, and reached your left hand behind me, giving my ass a squeeze. I set my right hand on your shoulder, and then moved it up towards your neck, sliding my fingers into your hair.

Once there, I tightened my fist, balling your hair among my fingers, and pulling you up and out of my chair. You were surprised, and opened your mouth to say so. I forced your face to my own, and kissed you, hard on your open mouth. Your grip tightened - and so did mine.

I grinned an evil little grin. Releasing your hair, and moving my hand down behind you, I set my fingers on your ass, and my thumb in the small of your back. I gave you a little push, guiding you to the door.

"Come with me."

I walked you down to the far end of the hall, and into the bathroom. I closed the door behind us. I did not turn on the light.

You turned around to face me, and I reached up into your hair again, making a fist, holding your head.

"You were late," I said.

"I was fashionably late," you replied. "Who comes right on time?" you asked.

"You'll cum when I tell you to cum," I tightened my grip on your hair, and with my left hand on your shoulder, pushed you to your knees.

You knew what to do. You knew why you were here, and what you were for.

You undid my belt, and slid my chinos down. You massaged my growing hardness beneath my shorts, and then slid those down as well, feeling me bouncing free as you did.

You gripped me, running your hands up and down me, enjoying the feel of me in your hand. You gave my swollen head a tentative lick, a little kiss, resting your lips against me.

That's when I opened my hand to spread my fingers on the back of your head, and pushed your face onto me, sliding myself into your mouth, down your throat.

This was what you were here for, this was what you needed. You had told me that you ached to be used - and to be useful. I assured you that you would be useful to me, that I would make plenty use of you, that you would become my little toy.

I fucked your face in the dark in my second floor bathroom. I shoved myself down your throat. I made you choke once or twice. I made you drool on yourself a little. With both of my hands on your head, I pulled myself out, and shoved myself easily and quickly back in, all the way in. You nose pressed against me, the head of my cock pressed against the back of your throat. It felt very good, and you were taking it like a champ.

But I wasn't ready, and I wasn't done. Pumping a load into your stomach wasn't what I had in mind.

"That's good," I said. "That's very good. Taking it like a champ, making me feel good, making me all good and hard." I took myself out of your throat, your mouth, pulling you away from me.

You coughed. "Is something wrong?"

"Not at all," I said as I pulled you up by your hair, and spun you around.

Once you were facing the bath tub, I stepped out of my pants, and pushed you forward, over, and down. I wanted your face down, and your ass up.

I lifted the back of your dress, and threw it over you. "Get a good grip," I said.

I squeezed your ass with the palm of my hand, approvingly noting the lack of underwear. I slid my hand between your legs, and approvingly noted that you were soaked. Like a good girl.

I pinched your clit - gently at first, but then quickly harder. You made a noise; I slapped your ass, hard.

"Keep your mouth shut unless I say otherwise."

I pushed my thumb into the heat between your legs. I found that gently-ridged spot inside, and pushed forward, massaging it in tight little circles. My hand was already soaked.

"You were late this evening, my pet."

"I know, but..." I slapped your ass again.

"But now you're here. Now you're mine. But still, you were late..." I pulled my thumb out of you, and moved it upwards, massaging your asshole with your own wetness. I slid my thumb in, testing you.

You didn't make a sound.

I stepped closer, and pressed myself, my swollen head, against your asshole. I massaged myself with your wetness on my hand, putting my other hand on your back. Then I pushed forward, feeling you yielding to me, feeling the pop as my head was inside of you. You took in your breath, but otherwise said nothing.

"Brace yourself," I said. "You're going to take what I give you."

And then I pressed forward, easing myself into you, sliding every inch of myself into your ass until you felt my hips against your backside and my balls against your cunt.

I stayed like that for a moment, enjoying the way it felt to have your ass gripping me, enjoying the way your breath sounded as you worked to keep quiet.

And then I went to work. I pulled myself almost completely out of you - leaving my head still inside - and pressed completely forward again. I repeated this, over and over, again and again. I rode you, I fucked your ass, I violated you. Both of my hands on your both of your hips, I held you in place while I used your ass. I gave it to you, and gave it to you, and gave it to you. I took one hand off your hip so that I could grab a handful of your hair, yanking backwards on you, pulling your ass onto my cock as I penetrated you, making your take it.

You were quiet, like a good girl. But you kept tensing.

"You'd better relax, pet. The more tense you are, the tighter you are, the better it feels for me, and the harder I give it to you," I said as I thrusted so hard that you had to put a hand against the far wall of the tub to keep upright.

You felt me inside of you, so hard. You felt my balls slapping against your cunt as I rode, as I fucked. It hurt you so bad, but it felt so good for you at the same time. You were soaked, and sweating, getting assfucked in a dark bathroom by a man you had only met in person for the first time tonight. You loved it.

And when I was ready, I gave it to you. You felt me bucking, twitching, driving myself balls-deep inside of you. You felt the heat as I unloaded into you, pumping your ass full of my cum, making you take it.

When I was finished, I paused to catch my breath, still throbbing inside of you.

I pulled out, and cleaned myself up with a washcloth from under the sink. I tossed it to you after I was done. I got dressed, turned the light on, and checked myself in the mirror. You pulled your dress back down, and set your hair back in order using the brush on the cabinet.

When we were ready, you gave me smile, but said nothing. I grinned, opened the door, and guided you down the hall, my hand on your back again.

We did not speak.

We went down the stairs - I having just claimed a new toy, and you with my cum still in your ass, where it would stay for the rest of the evening.

My wife was in the living room, listening to an old friend of mine talk about his new company. She looked at you, then looked at me.


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